Travel guide to Lake Al Qudra for tourists

There are many ways to enjoy a sunny day. But if you’re looking for more peaceful scenery, you can find it at Al Qadar Lakes. These hand-made desert units are located in the protected reserve of Al-Murmoum desert and blend beautifully with their surroundings. These lakes are popular ecotourism destinations for wildlife watchers and people looking to reconnect with nature.


Huge man-made lakes share the beauty with their surroundings and numerous islands provide habitat for many species of birds that nest in the area.


Shrubs and low trees not only serve as food sources for birds and insects, but also have aesthetic value for humans, although they provide little shade to humans. These lakes may be artificial, but their surroundings are untouched.


Where birds sing and a gentle breeze stirs the waves. In this place, you can meet swans, ducks, wings and even imported flamingos that stand on their red legs and create a beautiful picture.

Al Qudra Lake, Dubai

Al Qudra Lake is a unique man-made desert oasis in Dubai’s Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Area, created to promote ecotourism in Dubai. This oasis has several artificial lakes surrounded by sand dunes and wildlife. Since 2015, Al Qadar Lake has been very popular due to the unique charm of the air and the facilities provided.


It started out as a camping site, but quickly evolved into a sprawling destination with a variety of activities that give visitors the opportunity to explore the wilderness and experience its natural diversity. Al Qudra Lake is also very popular for camping and is one of the best barbecue spots in Dubai.

Location of Al Qadra Lake, Dubai
Al Qadara Lake is located in the protected area of Al Marmoom Desert in Dubai and is easily accessible from Al Qadara Road (D63). This place is less than an hour’s drive from Dubai. You can reach Al Qadra Road from Dubai Al Ain Road (E66) or Emirates Road (E611), depending on which side you choose to travel from.


This place and other attractions of Al Qadra are clearly marked on Google Maps.


Note that to access this area, you may need to drive on off-road roads. Therefore, it is better to use a four-wheel drive motor to ensure safety on more difficult roads.

The facilities of Al Qadra Lake, Dubai
Al-Qadra Lake provides many possibilities for recreation and entertainment in nature. Here are some of the activities you can do in this area:


Pitch a tent and spend the night in a camp: Al Qadra Lake is one of the best camping spots in the UAE. With sandy fields and man-made lakes surrounding it, it provides a beautiful setting for barbecuing, stargazing, and overnight camping. You can set up your tent in places like East Al-Qudra Lakes or near Esh (Love) Lake.


Ride a bike: If you like to experience cycling, there are special bike paths in this area. You can take your bikes and cycle on road trails or nature trails.

Bird watching: Lake Al Qadara is an attractive place for ornithologists. With your binoculars, you can see the different species of birds that live in this area. Birdwatching towers are also available for this activity.


Barbecue and picnic: If you are looking for a barbecue experience in nature, you can take your barbecue equipment and have a friendly picnic in the special areas of Al-Qadra Lake.


Note that for camping in this area, you must make the necessary arrangements and follow the environmental rules and regulations. Also, use a 4WD to access some trails.

Essential activities in Al Qadra Dubai
Visiting Love Lake in Al Qadara
Visiting Love Lake in Al Qadar is one of the unforgettable experiences in Dubai. This lake has two parts in the shape of two hearts, which are carved in the shape of animals and form the word “Love”. This place is known as one of the best romantic places in Dubai.

Love Al Qadar Lake is full of heart motifs and signs that are known as the best selfie spots, so if you are looking for beautiful photos, this is the ideal place to take pictures.

In addition, there is a running and sports track around Eshgh Lake, which is located in the middle of beautiful nature. The lake has shaded areas, fire pits, and restroom facilities, so it’s perfect for spending time enjoying the outdoors.

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