Important tips about traveling to North Cyprus that you don’t know!

Important tips about traveling to North Cyprus that you don’t know

Northern Cyprus is considered a beautiful country rich in tourist attractions, which can be visited easily and without the need to prove financial means, just by getting a ticket to this country.


As an island with beautiful beaches and mild Mediterranean climate, this country is a tourist destination for many people. Tourists have many reasons for immigrating to North Cyprus and traveling there, including tourist attraction, unique beaches, good behavior of the people of this country, low travel costs, etc.


But in order to travel to North Cyprus and enjoy the beautiful scenery, tourist attractions and see the historical cities of this country, you must know important points about this country and how to travel.


Knowing some important points and issues can make the memory of this tourist destination more memorable for you. In the rest of this article, we point out the important points and things you should know when traveling to North Cyprus. If you are planning to travel to this country, stay with us until the end for a more comfortable travel experience.

Getting to know Northern Cyprus
First of all, it is better to tell about this country first, so that you can get to know it. Geographically, this country is 70 kilometers away from the south of Turkey and its distance from the west of Russia is about 100 kilometers.


Certainly, traveling to a country that is about ten thousand years old can be very interesting. The country of Cyprus has many tourist areas and historical attractions that usually attract many tourists from all over the world.


Cyprus is known as the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea; For this reason, there are many beaches in this country that make the country even more beautiful and attractive as unique tourist spots.


Walking along the beaches in the country with the lowest crime rate among the countries located in Europe can make a memorable trip for travelers and tourist tours.


In addition to the beaches and historical places of this country, you will undoubtedly be attracted by the beautiful cities, delicious food, pleasant weather and hospitality of the people of this country.

Tips you should know when traveling to North Cyprus
In order to enjoy seeing the tourist attractions of this country such as beaches, cities, historical places and other tourist spots, and also to have a proper planning, you should know some important points.


Tips about the weather, transportation, how to buy, etc. can all be effective in your visit in this country. Below are some of the important points.


How is the weather?
One of the important topics in tourism is knowing the weather conditions of the destination country. Normally, this drawer has a moderate and humid climate.


In most months of the year, especially in spring and autumn, tourists and tourist tours can travel to this island to see and enjoy the tourist attraction.


July and December are among the months that do not have suitable weather conditions for sightseeing.


In fact, July due to excessive heat and January due to extreme cold cannot be a good choice for travel and excursion.

Transportation and car rental
After getting off the plane, you can go to the car rental counters from the same airport and rent a car.


The interesting thing is that in South Cyprus you can enter North Cyprus with the car you have rented, but the opposite is not possible.


Another thing you should know about renting a car is that the person renting a car must be over 25 years old.


Although you don’t pay a lot for renting these cars, you can use public transportation such as buses to go around the cities and see their tourist attractions to spend less money.

Important points related to purchase
It is possible that the size of the clothes and shoes available in the stores of this country is different from the size of the clothes you bought in your country; So when you go to shopping centers to buy clothes and shoes for yourself as souvenirs, don’t forget this issue and pay attention to their size.


Another thing that you should pay attention to is the currency you have with you for shopping. Most shopping centers do not have a problem with receiving tourists’ currency. But in order not to face problems when shopping, the best thing is to take lire with you.


Due to the fact that there are many tourist attractions in this country, it attracts many travelers from all over the world every year.

Due to the existence of this tourist attraction, the most prominent of which is the beautiful beaches of this country; Also, the mild climate and other suitable conditions make many people decide to buy property in North Cyprus to invest in this way.


It will be possible to migrate to North Cyprus and obtain residence in this country with investment.


As we mentioned before, this country has the lowest crime rate in Europe; Therefore, buying a property in North Cyprus will be the most suitable option for investment in many ways, which is an important point for investors.

Some other important points
In addition to the points we mentioned, there are other important points that will help you a lot while traveling. In the following, we will state some of these points.


– The water in the city plumbing is not edible; Therefore, you should get mineral water.

– You may pay a lot to eat in Kyrenia restaurants, but it is worth to experience it once.

– In the summer season, be sure to bring an umbrella or a hat with you to go out during the day.

Medicines that do not require a prescription can be easily obtained from the pharmacy.

– Remember the number 112 and call it if necessary to transfer the patient to the hospital.

– In the summer season, try to drink a lot of water and be sure to apply sunscreen.

– Visit different regions of this country and its neighborhoods without any fear or worry so that you can have fun and make happy memories.

– In case of problems, ask the local people for help and don’t be afraid of them.

For traveling, it is necessary to be aware of some important points and by observing them, you can have fun in the best way without any problems.


In this article, we tried to tell you some important points about traveling to North Cyprus so that you can create a good memory with your friends or family by keeping them in mind.

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