The strangest and most interesting hotel in the world in the Alps!

Traveling to faraway lands and wonders of the world is the wish and desire of all people, and adventurers like to travel to faraway and difficult lands, and the Alps are one of the dream destinations for travel.


In this hotel, apart from the spectacular views of the mountains, facilities such as hot springs, hiking, and paragliding are waiting for you.

This hotel, which is located in the Alps mountains, invites you to watch the unique beauty of the stars at night, away from the city life and city lights that prevent you from seeing the stars.


This interesting and strange hotel has only one bed and the name of this hotel is Nol Stern which means no stars. The founder of this hotel said about its design: “We removed the walls. What remains is you and your experience.”

Nollstern was launched in July 2016, and due to high demand, the hotel’s design team is consulting with travel agencies to expand it to other parts of Switzerland.


You can see the published photos of Nollstern Hotel below. This hotel is located at an altitude of 1.9699224 km above sea level and its rent is 210 dollars per night.

It is interesting to know that this hotel does not have a toilet, wall or ceiling, and a public toilet is located a short distance from it.


Of course, like other hotels, this hotel also has a maid to provide services to the guests and is located in a cottage near the hotel.

If the weather conditions are not suitable, guests can cancel their trip even at the last minute.


The time you spend in this hotel, you will enjoy the clean air of the Alps and get to know the local people and be welcomed by them.

Waiters with gloves and white bows welcome hotel guests. The slogan of this crew is interesting: we make you feel at home.

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