Why do people play Hamster Kombat and why did this Telegram bot become a phenomenon?

Click, click, click! The sound of millions of fingers on the phone screen sets a new rhythm of entertainment and economy. Hamster Kombat is a game that has conquered the digital world since March 2024. In the bustling world of mobile games, sometimes a phenomenon emerges that breaks the boundaries of entertainment and steps into unexpected territories.

Amazing growth: from zero to 200 million
Hamster Kombat has grown at an incredible rate. This Telegram game attracted about 1,800,000 new users per day in the first 77 days after its release and now has more than 200 million players. This figure is amazing not only in the number of users, but also in the level of their participation.

According to the official data of Hamster Combat Telegram channel, in early June 2024, the average time of participation of users in the game was more than 20 minutes per day. With 100 million users at the time, that translates to 2 billion minutes of gameplay per day – a figure that’s likely to increase dramatically as the number of users doubled in less than 30 days.

game mechanism; Impressive simplicity
Hamster Combat is a great example of a fun game; Simple, accessible and does not require special skills. By clicking on the hamster avatar, players collect coins and seek to earn hourly profits. But behind this apparent simplicity, there are more complex mechanisms:

Clicking is the easiest way to collect coins. But each click reduces the hamster’s energy. This may be a metaphor for burnout in the real world.
Subscriptions: Earn coins by subscribing to channels and inviting new players. This section encourages players to step out of their comfort zone and look for new opportunities that are available.
Investments and Daily Combo: This section is like a virtual stock market with hamsters. Daily Combo allows players to adopt more complex strategies to increase their earnings. This may be a symbol of the first step to enter the real financial world.

Why do people play hamster combat?
The main motivation of many Hamster Combat players is the hope of making easy money. The creators of this game attract players with the attractive idea of ​​converting digital coins into real money. This game is looking for a token release in the near future and now many users are waiting for Hamster Combat airdrop. Even though the price of Hamster Combat is not known in the future, but players know that participation in the game is beneficial to them. The game also encourages users to connect their Telegram wallet to the game bot.

Of course, this hope and dream of users and players is not so baseless. Because similar projects like Notcoin, which was launched in January 2024, were able to bring many players to real and often huge profits. The interesting thing is that game developers do not ask users to invest money, but only their time and participation. This approach makes users feel safer and more deeply involved in the game.

marketing genius; Organic or engineered growth?
The creators of Hamster Combat have shown their marketing genius by creating a virtual currency to pay for social media subscriptions, video views, and attracting new players. Although the currency they created is virtual and has no value yet, millions of followers and users of this game on Telegram and other social networks are real. The result of this strategy has been amazing.

Hamster Combat has gained over 47 million subscribers on Telegram, over 30 million subscribers on YouTube and 10.8 million followers on Twitter. All this has been achieved in just 3 months. Hamster Combat YouTube channel is recognized as the fastest growing channel in the world and will be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

This rapid growth provides huge revenue potential for game developers. Simple methods like advertising and surveys can easily turn into significant earnings.

Hamster Kombat and the concept of universal basic income
Professor Geoffrey Hinton, in an interview with BBC Newsnight, expressed his concern about a future in which artificial intelligence will destroy many ordinary jobs. He suggested that Universal Basic Income (UBI) could be a solution to this problem.

Hamster Kombat has the potential to be considered as an alternative concept for universal basic income. While governments are not yet ready to implement a universal basic income system, the game has created a mechanism where businesses are willing to pay for the simplest of actions.

From one point of view, it can be argued that this game has a social benefit. Instead of people wasting their time or engaging in questionable activities, it encourages them to spend their time playing with a virtual hamster while potentially increasing their income.

why hamster Clever symbology in the financial world
Choosing a hamster as the main character of the game is more than a random choice. This could be a clever reference to herd behavior in the financial world. In fact, shaving a hamster or lemming in the game can be a metaphor for entering the cruel world of finance.

This choice could also be reminiscent of the story of Mr. Goxx, the famous cryptocurrency trading hamster in 2021 who gained global attention by outperforming many human investors. It is interesting to know that some rumors suggest that the creators of the game actually had a pet hamster that the CEO of the game was named after. This can indicate a deep connection between the creators and the concept of the game.

Hamster Combat: Social Satire or the Future of the Digital Economy?
Perhaps Hamster Kombat can be considered a kind of social satire that cleverly depicts our financial and social behaviors. Combining elements of entertainment, economics and social criticism, this game blurs the lines between work and play.

The GameStop fever event in 2021 was an example of the power of “hamsters” in the financial world. At that time, small investors in Reddit were able to change the market in their favor. Hamster Combat perhaps acknowledges this power in some way and tells its users that they too can be influential.

A look into the future: Hamster Combat and beyond
Hamster Combat is more than a simple game. This digital phenomenon blurs the line between entertainment and economy and raises profound questions about the future of work, income and social interaction. Does this game represent a future where the line between work and play is blurred? Or is it just a passing hobby?

In the world of 2024, where artificial intelligence and automation have created serious challenges for the job market, perhaps games like Hamster Combat offer innovative solutions to age-old problems. Some even predict that in the future, Hamster Combat may be combined with artificial intelligence and create a complete “hamster world” for users.

As Shakespeare said: “To be or not to be, that is the question!” But in the world of Hamster Combat, that question may have changed to “to click or not to click”—a question as deep and meaningful in the digital age as Shakespeare’s.

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