Rainbow mountains + photo

Rainbow Mountain:
The main color of the soil is brown, but the same ordinary soil in combination with some minerals becomes a rainbow of attractive and eye-catching colors! You can’t find these rainbow soils anywhere, but there are places in the world that have found fantastic landscapes with such colorful soils.


Peru’s Rainbow Mountains:
One of the most amazing geological landmarks in the world is the Ausangate Mountain in the Andes Mountains in Peru. This mountain is also known as Rainbow Mountain. These mountains are painted with beautiful colors in a natural and striped way, and every kind of color from turquoise to pale purple to tan and gold exists in this mountain;


The Assungate Trail is one of the most popular hiking trails among people who have traveled to Peru. To reach its peak, you need several days of climbing, and you also need to know that to reach this mountain, you have to travel through Cusco.


While hiking on this route, you can also enjoy other natural beauties, because on this route you will encounter hot springs, local villages, animals such as llamas and alpacas, and you will also be able to see spectacular views of the Asugante glacier. enjoy it.

Danxia Mountains (DANXIA), China:
One of the best rainbow views in the world is located in Danxia Mountain, Guangdong Province, China. Danxia mountains are formed from red sandstone and materials such as chalk and other sediments that have been formed over millions of years. There are more than 700 places, especially in the southeast and southwest of China, where these colors and layers can be seen, and all of them are called Danxia lands.

Colored Hills, Oregon:
More than 35 million years ago, there was a river plain here, at the same time that the colored layers that created the colorful hills of Oregon State, USA, were formed by the ashes of volcanic eruptions. Over time, the layers of ash, which were composed of various minerals, were compressed and solidified and turned into the colors you see today. The red and orange colors are actually laterite soils that were formed by floodplain sediments when it was hot and humid here.

The Hornocal mountains or Serranias del Hornocal are located 25 km from Humahuaca, northwestern Argentina. The extraordinary colors and inverted V formations seen here are part of a limestone formation called the Yacoraite, which stretches from Peru to Salta and through Bolivia and Quebrada de Humamoaca. The road that leads to this place; It is located at an altitude of more than 4300 meters and it is not possible to reach it by bus and you have to use private and smaller cars.

Mahneshan colored mountains:
The colored mountains of Mahneshan are one of the natural wonders that are located 25 kilometers northeast of Tabriz, on the way to Khajah city and the middle highway to Zanjan. Mahenshan or Ala Dag Lar is the local name of the colorful mountains and hills, which are located in parts of Azerbaijan. The highest part of this city is Belqis mountain with a height of 3300 meters.


Mahneshan earth rainbow (ala dag lar) consists of colors such as red, brown, green, orange, yellow and white. Watching the very beautiful scenery of Mahneshan mountains will caress your eyes. The colored mountains of Mahneshan are so special and amazing that it is as if you have stepped on another planet.

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