Harms of phones for children; Complications of use and eye and social injuries

The penetration of technology into the world of young children causes the creation of their dreams and imagination, which occurs through physical and social games, to be postponed. Although the advantages and benefits of smartphones for children cannot be ignored, generally, due to the purchase of the phone earlier than the appropriate time, the lack of parental control over the manner and duration of using the phone, and such things, the disadvantages of using it are more and the damages It will lead to visual, social and learning of the child.

Although these damages depend on various options, including the age of the child, the amount of use, the content, the way of use, etc., but in general, they can be summarized below:

Complications of using mobile phones and tablets

  • Decreased social interaction

When children spend too much time on mobile phones, their social interactions may decrease and their ability to communicate with others may be impaired.

  • attention disorder

Continuous use of mobile phones and smartphones can lead to mental laziness and reduce children’s attention to books and academic activities.

  • Increased stress and anxiety

Watching inappropriate content or violent games on mobile phones may cause more anxiety and stress to children.

  • The risk of addiction to technology

Children may become addicted to mobile phones and mobile games, and this addiction can have negative effects on their academic and social abilities.

  • Security risks

Children may unknowingly access personal and sensitive information and provide it to hackers. They may also access inappropriate content on the Internet.

  • Lack of physical activity

Long-term use of mobile phones can prevent children from various physical activities and lead to weight gain and movement defects.

Problems using mobile phones for children
Although we know that the use of mobile phones for communication and doing daily family tasks is very common, but the same use can also bring various problems that will be more than imagined for children. Instead of entertaining your child with technology, try to build healthy relationships with others. Communication, individual and social solidarity of humans starts from childhood, so how much better to form this relationship with the correct method.

It should be noted that the use of mobile phones in the right amount and according to the restrictions of parents can be useful instead of harmful for the formation of your child’s mind. Balancing the use of mobile phones and other activities can prevent these problems. Among the important complications of your children’s frequent use of mobile phones are as follows:

Children’s addiction and dependence on the phone
Children’s addiction and dependence on mobile phones is a common problem in today’s societies and may have negative effects on their growth and development. Their excessive use of games, as well as the ability to communicate with their friends through mobile phones, has a great impact on your child’s addiction.

The existence of attractive applications makes children dependent on tablets and mobile phones; Therefore, parents should use the following solutions to free their child from this problem:

Establishing time limits: Setting a specific time for mobile use and setting time limits for games and using applications will help the child to avoid excessive use.
Conscious education: Teach your children how to use mobile phones properly and avoid its harm.
Create physical and social opportunities: Create opportunities for outdoor activities and social connection with children’s friends and family.
Child weight gain and obesity
Among the negative effects of phones on children is their weight gain. If the child becomes dependent on the mobile, he will never show the desire to leave it. Not leaving the mobile phone and tablet makes the child inactive and lazy; So that he avoids active games and hobbies and gradually this immobility affects his weight and health.

You should set a time limit for your child’s use of the mobile phone. For encouragement and reward, let him play with the mobile, not just for fun. For example, after reading a book or helping you with household activities, allow him to use the mobile phone. Your child needs social and physical games to build social relationships and develop his abilities.

Reducing the child’s creativity
Your child creates his mind and world meaningfully at an early age. These childish and attractive dreams make his future, a healthy future full of charms that we adults are unaware of.

If the child spends all his time in technology instead of playing real games in the world around him, this childish world will be full of defects and problems. Parents should inspire children to develop their creativity. Help your child to properly use all aspects around him. One of your positive contributions can be setting proper limits on the use of mobile phones and tablets.

Never limit your child by fighting and threatening physical punishment, but you should lead him to positive activities with the right method. Instead of restricting him completely, let him know that he should not be constantly entertained with his mobile phone. Make the whole world around him fun so that he will automatically be drawn to real fun.

Physical activities help a child’s creativity; Playing with sanitary mud, building houses and puzzles, as well as reading books, seeing pictures, etc., are effective in cultivating creativity. Set a specific time for your child to have fun with you. For example, spend a day without a cell phone, both you and the child. Draw together, cook, collect toys or go on a picnic. Hobbies that are also associated with doing household chores help in the formation of children’s creativity.

Ask the children to imagine. Ask them questions about the future and their wishes. Always ask your child to talk a lot about his life. This allows you to get to know your child. Let him choose the games he likes, but make a list for him first. This allows you to choose your entertainment according to your wishes.

Mobile eye injuries
Normally, a smartphone does not cause serious damage to the eyes, but frequent and unlimited use over a long period of time, as well as from a short distance and with a lot of screen light, definitely damages the eyes. Children are more prone to lazy eye and their weakening than adults. It is also important that parents talk to children about the responsible use of mobile phones in a positive and educational manner so that they can learn about correct eye health patterns from the beginning.

If your child uses the mobile phone continuously, after some time the eyes will get tired and this will cause tears in the eyes. Mobile screens emit blue light, which may disrupt children’s sleep patterns. To deal with this problem, most of today’s phones offer night mode and reading mode (gentle yellow light) to reduce the harmful effects of blue light.

Solutions to prevent phone injuries and dangers for children
Parents should educate their children about security crises; For example, the dangers of anonymous messages and advertising messages.
Make sure the content children see is age-appropriate. Using and installing parental control software can help you.
Children’s desire to interact with others and social activities can prevent excessive use of mobile phones. Encouraging children to play with friends, participate in group activities, sports and other social activities can be helpful.
As a parent, be a positive role model for your children. If you use your cell phone sensibly yourself, your children will probably learn to do the same.
It is important to constantly monitor the use of mobile phones by children. This monitoring should be in a way that does not attract attention.
Studies have shown that using mobile phones at night before going to sleep can cause children to sleep inappropriately; So don’t let your child play before sleeping.

Summarizing the disadvantages and benefits of using a phone by a child
In general, the use of mobile phones and any device related to the world of technology must be managed. Managing this issue will ensure that it is not only harmful but also beneficial.

Benefits of using a mobile phone for a child:

Education: Some programs are suitable for the development and creativity of a child, as well as the development of his mind.
Entertainment: Mobile phones and tablets can be a good way to entertain your child.
Developing skills: Some games are suitable for education, these educational games help you in the personal and social development of your child.
Disadvantages of children using mobile phones:

Addiction: If a child repeatedly plays with tablets and mobile phones, he will get addicted to it after a while. This addiction causes many problems.
Social interaction: excessive use of mobile phones may reduce the child’s interaction with others in the real environment.
Increased security risks: Children may accidentally access inappropriate or dangerous content on the Internet.
Reduced physical activity: Long-term use of mobile phones may reduce physical activity in children, which can lead to health problems such as obesity.
Stopping brain development: Staring at the phone screen does not require any brain activity and will stop the child’s mental development.
How much time is appropriate to use a mobile phone?
A minimum of half an hour and a maximum of an hour is the best time for children under ten years of age.

What kind of contents can children see on the phone?
The best content for your child is educational and healthy games as well as watching animations; Animations that help develop creativity.

Should we talk to children about online dangers and security fears?
Definitely do it. Before any use, talk to your child about all the harms and dangers that may threaten him.

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