Dubai Flower Garden or Miracle Garden, a dreamy paradise in the heart of the desert

Do you know where the world’s largest flower garden is? The answer is Dubai Flower Garden. We hope you are not shocked at first; Because you’re going to read more weird stuff next. One of the attractions in Dubai that hosts millions of tourists from all over the world every year is the Dubai Flower Garden or Dubai Miracle Garden.

Dubai Flower Garden is a small paradise in the heart of the desert that can caress your eyes for hours. If you are a flower and plant person; You can find almost any type of flower there.

Getting to know the Dubai Flower Garden
In the heart of the Dubai Desert, where you’d expect nothing but sand, lies the Dubai Flower Garden. This beautiful and eye-catching garden, with an area of 72,000 square meters, is the largest flower garden in the world and one of the wonders of Dubai.

Dubai Flower Garden was opened in 2013. Since then, it has welcomed millions of tourists from all over the world. This garden has created a very dreamy and relaxing atmosphere with beautiful and creative flower arrangements and has been able to register its name in Guinness at the very beginning of its activity.

In addition to growing different types of flowers, the architecture and design of this garden can also surprise you. Wherever you look at the Dubai Miracle Garden, it looks like a 3D relief painting.

One of the interesting features of Miracle Garden Dubai is the annual change of flowers and plants and garden decor; So if you have been to the flower garden before, this time there are new things to see. If all this is not a miracle; So what is it called?

Where is Dubai Flower Garden?
Dubai Flower Garden is located in the South Al Barsha area of Dubai. Its exact address is 3 Al Barsha Street, Dubai Land, District 2, Dubai.

Although this garden is far from the city center; But it is accessible by private car, bus and subway, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. However, there is no excuse not to come to this dreamy place.

Although using a car makes your commute easier and allows you to stay there longer; But you should not neglect the parking fee. The parking fee at the Dubai Flower Garden is calculated based on the hour of attendance, which is a significant figure.

– Access to Dubai Flower Garden by bus
If you are looking for a more affordable way to go to the Dubai Flower Garden, we suggest using the bus. Although using the bus costs less; But you have to spend more time on the road.

To come to this place, you must use bus line 102. Miracle Garden 1 bus stop is right next to the entrance of the flower garden and you can visit the world’s most beautiful and largest flower garden in less than two minutes.

– Access to Dubai Flower Garden by metro
The fastest way to go to the Dubai Miracle Garden is to use the metro. To use the metro, you can use the red metro line. You need to get off at the Dubai Land metro station and walk from the Dubai Land metro station to the entrance of Bagh Gol for about 10 minutes.

Of course, there is another way to reach Dubai Miracle Garden. If you are near the Mall of the Emirates, you can take the red line metro to the Miracal Garden station and from there take a bus or taxi to this place.

If your question is which method is more suitable, the answer depends on you. If you have enough time, using public transportation seems like a safer choice.

Different parts of Dubai Flower Garden
Different parts of Dubai Flower Garden each have a unique and attractive effect and can create an unforgettable experience for tourists. In the following, we will introduce different parts of the garden.

– Disney Street
Age does not matter. It is enough to be interested in Disney animations to enjoy walking in this street.

Disney Street is one of the most popular and crowded places to visit in Dubai Flower Garden, where giant statues of famous Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Cinderella and Snow White are made with colorful flowers.

Airbus plane
The Airbus A380 is another wonder of the Dubai Flower Garden. In 2016, the Dubai Flower Garden, together with the Emirates Airline, implemented the idea of building the world’s largest passenger plane with flowers and registered this flower sculpture in the Guinness Book of Records.

tower Khalifa is the symbol of Dubai
When you come to the Dubai Miracle Garden, make a point. Enjoy the flower arrangement around you and go to tower Khalifa; Of course, not the tower itself! but its flower-decorated replica.

Elegance and attention to detail in the construction of this replica have been strictly observed so that the final design looks very similar to the real tower.

– Buildings decorated with flowers
Flower arrangement is not limited to replicas and statues. Almost everything in the Dubai Flower Garden is covered with all kinds of flowers; among the buildings decorated with flowers in the Dubai Flower Garden, we can mention the mosque, church, palace and castle.

– Sidewalks and crossings
If you are looking for special places for photography, don’t miss the walkways and walkways of Dubai Flower Garden.

Heart passage: This passage is decorated with various and colorful flowers in the shape of a heart, which can be a good place for your romantic photos.
Chatri Pass: This pass is another beautiful and popular pass in Dubai Flower Garden. When crossing this path, just look above your head to see colorful umbrellas. Imagine how many creative photos you can take in this place.
Butterfly walkway: Like the heart-shaped walkway, colorful flowers are arranged in the shape of a butterfly and create a beautiful walkway.

– Lake
Another wonder of Miracle Garden Dubai is the Lake Park. Around this lake is decorated with colorful flowers, the reflection of flowers in the water can create a beautiful and eye-catching image.

– Mickey Mouse and Teddy Bear
As we said, the character of many Disney animations has been decorated with flowers in the Dubai Flower Garden. Mickey Mouse is one of the popular characters among children, and a large statue of him has been made in the Dubai Flower Garden.

Playing this mosque can be interesting and fun not only for children but also for adults.

You probably know that the teddy bear is one of the symbols of Valentine’s Day. It might be interesting to you that the Miracle Garden was also opened on the day of love in 2013; So it is not strange to see a big bear decorated with flowers in the garden.

However, the symbols of the day of love are not limited to this bear and you can see various heart-themed flower arrangements in different parts of the park.

If you think the wonders of the Dubai Flower Garden are over, don’t be in a hurry! There are still many other places to visit, such as Sunflower Square, Smurfs Village, etc.

Fun in Dubai Flower Garden
In addition to the beauty and effect created by the flowers of the Dubai Flower Garden, this garden has also provided various entertainment and entertainment for different age groups to make visiting this garden more fun.

The trampoline park is one of the children’s amusements in Dubai Flower Garden. 12 special trampolines are prepared for playful children so that children can experience the thrill of jumping and searching.

– Amphitheater
Dubai Flower Garden Amphitheater is a great place to watch various shows and concerts. This amphitheater has an open and airy space so that while watching the shows, they can also enjoy the beauty of the garden flowers.

– Children’s playground
If you are coming to Dubai Miracle Garden with children, you are probably worried about the children getting tired during the visit to the garden.

We must say that the Dubai Flower Garden has thought of everything and by creating a playground, it has created a happy and safe environment for children to entertain, so that families can continue their sightseeing safely.

– Photography
It is not possible to be in this space and not want to record your happy moments on the phone frame; But maybe you also like to take more professional photos so that you can print it. For this, you can use the photography services of Dubai Flower Garden. Let’s also say that you have to pay a separate fee to use a professional photographer.

Dubai flower garden facilities
In addition to visual beauty and recreational facilities, Dubai Flower Garden has also provided various amenities for tourists.

– Coffee shop and restaurant
Since it is forbidden to bring food and drinks into the garden and you are going to spend long hours there, Miracle Garden has placed all kinds of cafes, restaurants and buffets in different parts of the garden. You can enjoy all kinds of drinks, cakes and desserts in the coffee shop.

Restaurants are another option for eating. You can order Arabic food, sandwiches, etc. from the restaurant.

– Food and drink buffets
If you want to buy simple snacks for children, there are many food buffets located in different places of the park.

– Parking
As we said above, you can come to Dubai Miracle Garden by private or rented car. If you come to this place with a private car, you can park your car in the parking lot near the garden. Parking has a separate fee for you.

– Souvenir shops
If you are thinking of buying souvenirs from the Dubai Flower Garden, don’t forget to visit the souvenir shops.

In this section, you can see all kinds of souvenirs with flower and butterfly designs and buy souvenirs from this small paradise for yourself and others from a wide range of items.

– Walt Disney Store
If you like cartoons and Disney characters, you probably want to buy one of them now. In the Walt Disney Store, you can see and buy a variety of items.

– Photo booth
By visiting the photography booth, you can take more beautiful and professional photos.

– First aid room
In case of any problem or medical need, you can go to the first aid room so that the first treatment will be done for you.

– Benches, huts and pavilions
Sitting on the grass is prohibited. For this reason, several benches, huts and pavilions have been provided in different places of the garden for tourists to sit and rest.

– Restroom and prayer hall
Like other amenities, there are restrooms and prayer rooms in the park so that you can safely visit the garden and have peace of mind about everything. Besides all these facilities, disabled people can also use the beauty and attractions of the garden. A free wheelchair, a specific traffic route is one of the park’s facilities for this group of tourists.

The best time to visit Dubai Flower Garden
If you decide to come to the Dubai Miracle Garden, you should know that this garden is closed during the summer due to the hot weather conditions of Dubai; So plan your trip for early spring or autumn and winter when the weather is cooler.

Except for the summer season, the Dubai Flower Garden is open every day even on holidays and gives tourists the opportunity to see all this beauty.

The working hours of the garden are set from 9 am to 9 pm on normal days and from 9 am to 11 pm on holidays so that you have enough time to visit different parts of the garden.

The best time to visit the garden is in the early hours of the day or after 6 pm. The beginning of the day, when the sun is less, is a more suitable time to walk in the garden and take photos. In the final hours, the weather becomes cool and you can enjoy the lighting of the garden in addition to seeing the sights of the flower garden.

Don’t forget this point, Dubai Flower Garden gets very crowded on holidays and weekends; So, if you are running away from the crowd and want to walk safely on Disney Street or take photos next to the statue and water features, you should choose normal days of the week to come to Miracle Garden Dubai.

Dubai flower garden tickets and rules for visiting this garden
Like any other entertainment place, you need to get a ticket to visit the Dubai Magic Garden. The price of Dubai Flower Garden ticket varies according to age. Ticket price for people over 12 years old, children from 3 to 12 years old, you should buy a ticket at a lower price. Children under 3 years old and people with disabilities do not need to buy a ticket and can walk around the garden for free and see this dreamy and colorful place.

Although you can buy a garden ticket at the entrance of Miracle Garden; But we suggest that you don’t waste your time in long queues, especially on weekends, to buy tickets online from the official website of Dubai Flower Garden.

In order to experience a pleasant excursion in the Dubai Flower Garden, it is better to know some of its rules before visiting this place:

It is forbidden to enter and use professional cameras in this place.
Avoid picking flowers.
Eating in the garden area is prohibited. You must use the amenities of the garden for meals.
Sitting on the grass is prohibited and you must rest in designated areas or on benches.

Dubai Butterfly Garden
If you think that the trip to the Dubai Miracle Garden will end soon, you are very wrong. We told you at the very beginning that we are going to surprise you one after another. Another interesting place in Dubai Flower Garden is Butterfly Garden. However, they are located at a short distance from each other and you need to get a separate ticket to visit the butterflies.

Dubai Butterfly Garden is the largest butterfly garden in the world with 1500 butterflies of 50 different species. This garden is designed in the shape of a circle, which has 9 domes, each of which is the habitat of a special species of butterflies.

Walking in the Dubai Butterfly Garden and seeing colorful butterflies above your head like Mujara Garden can surprise you.

Touring the butterfly garden takes about an hour and unlike the butterfly garden, they do not allow more than 300 tourists to enter the garden at any time. This is done to prevent overcrowding and to take care of butterflies.

Butterfly garden also has different parts such as domes, butterfly museum, koi pond and educational part where you can get different information about these colorful butterflies, see them and record them in your memories with photography.

In addition to this, various amenities such as food stalls, prayer rooms and restrooms have been provided here.

A tour of the Dubai Flower Garden takes approximately 3 hours; So plan in such a way that you have the opportunity to walk around the garden. Since you will be walking a long distance in the garden, choose comfortable shoes for the day.

It is not possible to come to Dubai Flower Garden and not take photos next to flowers and statues; So wear comfortable and appropriate clothes to record this memorable trip on your phone. If you come to Dubai Miracle Garden in the middle of the day, don’t forget to wear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Even if you are not very interested in flowers, visiting one of the biggest and most colorful sights in Dubai is not without pleasure; Because it makes you happy too.

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