A journey to the heart of nature: Getting to know the karst springs of Antalya

Antalya province in Turkey is famous as a limestone rural area and limestone agricultural land that has several karst springs with waterfalls and sinkholes. Antalya travertine with an area of approximately 615 square kilometers is a diverse and attractive biological and geological area. This stone attracts attention due to its karst features and geological forms. The large springs that drain from the carbonates of the Taurus Mountains in southern Turkey, with high discharges and regular flows, are known as one of the major attractions of the region.


An important feature of this area is the Kirkgosler karst spring system, which has an average performance of more than 15 cubic meters per second. This system indicates the presence of several large, stable springs with abundant water flow that have been ongoing for years or decades. The karst features in this area show that it is well developed and tells about the importance of karst in travertine.


In addition, there are sinkholes, springs and depressions of various sizes in the travertine rock, which this variety and beautiful natural formations show the fascinating geological processes in this area.


A large submarine discharge of fresh water is also one of the other important features of the region, which adds to the environmental diversity and ecosystem in this travertine stone. Also, the presence of several coastal springs also points to the beauty of the beach and the importance of water in this area.

Karst springs
Karst springs are one of the important sights of Antalya, which have created a very beautiful area due to the infiltration of water from large underground reservoirs into smaller reservoirs and coming out of the ground in the form of springs. The calcareous sediments of these springs, after spending 1.5 to 2 million years, have turned into vast travertine terraces that look like Pamukkale. This area is considered one of the tourist attractions of Antalya and with its features such as limestone rocks and steps, waterfalls and numerous reservoirs, it is a popular destination for tourists and nature lovers during all seasons of the year.

Karst springs in the study area are the most important factor in draining large carbonate reservoirs. The biggest of these springs are Kirkgozler and Dodenbashi springs. Both these springs drain from the BA aquifer. Other main springs of the region drain from the lower travertine plateau and the carbonates of the Antalya nappe. Travertine springs include Duraliler, Arapsoyo, Magara, Kamragazi and Iskele springs. The springs of Horma and Kapuz rise from the nape of Antalya. There are also many small springs on the coastline.


Kirkgozler karst springs control the discharge of carbonate rocks (of Mesozoic age) of Beydağları Autochthon and Antalya Nappes. It is also the source of travertine stone of Antalya with quaternary age and alluvial sediments are located in this plain.


Tourists who travel to this area, after taking a bath in the karst springs of Antalya and benefiting from their healing properties, can visit the spectacular springs and pits of this area, such as Kargoz and Pinarbashi karst springs. They will enjoy seeing Dudenbashi’s stepped waterfalls and enjoying the beautiful views of this area.

Frequently asked questions about karst springs in Antalya
1. What are karst springs of Antalya?

Karst springs in Antalya are areas where underground water boils to the surface and are famous for their special characteristics, including their heat and taste.


2. What is their importance in geology and biology?

Karst springs of Antalya are not only tourist attractions, but they also represent interesting terrestrial processes in geology and create unique ecological environments in biology.


3. What other natural features are there around Antalya karst springs?

The area has waterfalls, sinkholes, and limestone cliffs that are known as natural attractions around the springs.


4. Are karst springs of Antalya known as a place to relax?

Yes, with beautiful design and relaxing environment, Karst springs of Antalya are considered as a place of relaxation and pleasure for tourists.


5. What are the benefits for tourists?

Tourists in karst springs of Antalya can benefit from the high quality of water, beautiful nature and green spaces to experience pleasant and relaxing moments.

The last point of the article about karst springs of Antalya
As a result, Antalya karst springs are recognized as a unique tourist destination with their natural beauty, unique geological values and providing relaxing spaces. In addition to attracting tourists, this area also protects the environment and preserves the natural heritage, so that its culture and pristine beauty can be preserved for future generations.

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