Coconut fruit properties for body health and skin and hair beauty

Coconut is an absolute fruit of the coconut palm tree, there are hundreds of varieties of coconuts found all over India and its taste varies according to the alkalinity of the soil. Its outer part is green and turns brown when it ripens, and its hard shell is fleshy. There is white. Coconut is known as Nariyal in India, Tenkai in Tamil, Karikin in Malayalam and Narikala in Bengali. Fresh coconut contains fresh water that is very beneficial for health and is also a healthy substance that can even be used as a food.

Its core is not only healthy but also safe to eat during pregnancy; Coconuts also contain a lot of saturated, but harmless, fat. It contains chain triglycerides and medium fatty acids. These fatty acids are absorbed by the body in different ways and they are directly transferred from the digestive system to the liver and are converted into ketones in the body (an organic compound with a bivalent group and two hydrocarbon roots) and can have the effects of to treat brain disorders such as epilepsy and Alzheimer’s.

Nutritional value of coconut:
Coconut is rich in calories, vitamins and a lot of minerals. On average, 400 grams of coconut provides almost all the vitamins and minerals the body needs in one day. 100 grams of coconut contains 350 grams of calories.

Coconut fruit includes; Saturated acids such as lauric acid and bioactive compounds are essential for health.

Its kernel is an excellent source of copper, calcium, manganese, magnesium and zinc. It is also a good source of folate, niacin, thiamin and pyridoxine and is generally rich in potassium.

Coconut water is also very refreshing and contains simple sugars, electrolytes, minerals, acid phosphatase, catalase, dihydrogen peroxide and polymerase.

Not only coconut water but also its oil is classified as a superfood. Its unique combination of fatty acids can have a profound effect on your health.

Several amazing benefits of coconut:

1. Coconut rich in fiber:
Coconut is a fruit rich in dietary fiber that provides about 61% of fiber. The fiber in coconut reduces the speed of glucose and lowers blood sugar and causes it to be transferred to cells and converted into energy, which is useful in reducing stress in the enzyme system and pancreas and reduces the risk of diabetes.

2. Coconut to control diabetes:

Consuming coconut improves insulin secretion and blood sugar use, and with its positive effect on blood sugar control hormones, it reduces diabetes.

3. Coconut to strengthen the digestive system and help digestion:
Coconut has fiber, and for this reason, it contains digestive benefits and causes better digestion of food and prevents stomach and intestinal disorders. Consuming coconut is also useful in treating nausea and vomiting.

4. Antiaging properties of coconut:
Cytokinin, kinetin and transytin present in coconut have anti-cancer and anti-aging effects for the body.

5. Coconut to strengthen the immune system:
The nutrients in coconut are beneficial for the immune system. Due to its anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic properties, coconut protects the body from all kinds of harmful viruses and bacteria and its use is useful in the treatment of the most severe infectious diseases such as throat infections, urinary infections and intestinal worms. Is.

6. Coconut for treating and melting abdominal fat:
Use coconut to get rid of dangerous abdominal fat; Abdominal fats are the most dangerous fats and are the main cause of some diseases. Daily consumption of 200 grams of coconut causes significant reduction of abdominal and waist fat in 12 weeks.

7. General health:
Research has proven that people who consume coconut daily are less susceptible to disease and are healthy compared to other people.

8. Coconut to boost energy:
Coconut helps burn fat by increasing energy; Triglyceride in coconut oil increases energy by 5% in 24 hours and causes weight loss in the long term. Research shows that coconut reduces appetite, so that people can spend several hours without feeling hungry or low blood sugar after consuming coconut.

9. Coconut for treating epilepsy:
Ketogenic diet is a carbohydrate diet that is used for various disorders and its best effect is known in the treatment of epilepsy in children. A diet that contains low carbohydrates and a lot of fat increases the concentration of ketones in the blood, and if you read in the moist health section, regular consumption of coconut can significantly reduce the amount of seizures in children with epilepsy.

10. Coconut to fight cancer:

Coconut contains anti-cancer effects and is especially useful for the treatment of colon cancer and breast cancer.

11. Coconut keeps the body hydrated:
Fruit and coconut water contain important electrolytes that are effective in keeping the body hydrated. People who engage in heavy activities should include coconut water in their diet. So coconut water is a great substitute for water.

12. Coconut to prevent urinary infection:
The natural diuretic properties of coconut treat urinary tract infections and help you get rid of them naturally.

13. Coconut improves blood cholesterol:
Coconut consumption helps improve blood cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of heart diseases. Saturated fats in coconut increase good cholesterol and control bad cholesterol in the blood. This improvement in the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases reduces them.

14. Coconut to control acidity and heartburn:
Coconut fruit and water can help reduce acidity and heart problems.

15. Useful coconut during pregnancy:
Fruit and coconut water are useful for increasing the immune system and health of pregnant women and babies and prevent the occurrence of dangerous infections. It also increases the level of amniotic fluid, which plays an important role in maintaining the general health of the fetus.

16. Coconut to fight bacteria:
Coconut contains large amounts of lauric acid, which helps kill and repel bacteria, viruses, fungi, and infections.

17. Coconut useful for oral and dental health:
Use coconut water as a mouthwash to kill bacteria in the mouth, deodorize the mouth and maintain the general health of the teeth.

18. Coconut for bone health:
Daily and regular consumption of coconut is useful in increasing bone growth. Coconut improves the body’s ability to absorb calcium and manganese and prevents osteoporosis. Therefore, it is a healthy alternative for those who are lactose intolerant.

19. Nutritious and healthy coconut:
Coconut fruit and juice are healthier and more nutritious than dairy milk and contain lauric acid like mother’s milk. Among its other advantages, it is naturally sterilized and is considered a natural blood level drink.

Benefits of coconut oil for beauty:
Coconut oil is used in the cosmetics industry to improve the appearance of skin and hair.

20. Coconut oil to fight dry skin:
Using coconut oil on the skin prevents dryness and flaking and keeps the skin moist and soft. It also cures infection and some skin diseases.

21. Coconut oil is a skin cleanser:
Coconut cleansers can be used to get rid of toxins, fungi and bacteria that are used in the outer layers of the skin, which in addition to detoxification strengthens the body’s immune system and protects the skin.

22. Effective coconut oil on dry hands:
Pure coconut oil can be used for dry hands. Washing hands often with soap and ordinary detergents makes the skin dry and unpleasant. Instead of using expensive creams, use coconut oil for beautiful and smooth hands. you have.

23. Coconut oil to prevent skin cancer:
Using coconut oil increases moisture and fat in the skin and prevents skin cancer by blocking 20% of harmful rays.

24. Help to rejuvenate the skin:
Using coconut oil is a great way to maintain freshness and rejuvenate the skin. The antioxidant substances in coconut reduce the aging process by inhibiting free radicals. Before taking a bath, apply several drops of coconut oil on your skin. During showering, skin pores are opened and oil is absorbed through the skin more effectively. Do this regularly to have fresh and youthful skin.

25. Suitable for cleaning the skin:

Consuming coconut and absorbing it makes the skin healthy and beautiful. It is enough to massage 1 teaspoon of coconut oil on the skin, this will remove pimples and skin rashes and help to clean the skin.

26. Help to increase blood circulation:
Eating coconut regularly increases blood circulation on the surface of the skin. Our skin cells need a sufficient amount of oxygen to carry oxygen with proper blood circulation, which makes for a healthy and flawless skin.

27. Treatment and reduction of skin tanning effects:
Combine coconut juice with orange juice and apply it all over your skin and wash it off with cold water after 20 minutes. Repeat this twice a week to get rid of the effects of tanning.

28. Coconut to treat oily skin:
Coconut juice is also used to treat oily skin, because it clears skin fat and is effective in removing acne, black and red spots. Mix half a teaspoon of turmeric with one teaspoon of sandalwood powder and coconut water and apply it on your skin 3 times a week to get clear and oil-free skin.

29. Coconut oil is an eye makeup remover:
Coconut oil can also be used to remove eye makeup. Soak a cotton pad in a few drops of coconut oil and remove eye makeup with it. This also keeps the skin hydrated.

30. Body scrub:
Coconut oil can also be used as a body scrub. To prepare a homemade scrub, combine some coconut oil and a cup of good brown sugar and stir.

Then add some shredded coconut meat and mix well. You can also add 1 tablespoon of coconut water to this paste and put it on the skin for 2 minutes, massage it gently and then wash it off.

31. Properties of coconut for hair:
Using water and coconut oil is useful for treating hair loss. Just massage your hair with water or coconut oil before taking a bath and then wash it. This work strengthens and thickens the hair and makes the hair smooth and soft.

32. Coconut to prevent scalp infections:
The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of coconut are useful for skin infections and treat dandruff, itching and lice, which are factors that reduce hair growth.

33. Having healthy hair:
Coconut can also help to have shiny and silky hair. Vitamin K and iron in coconut keep the hair healthy and make it shiny.

How to choose and keep coconut water, oil and fruit:
You can mainly buy pure or refined coconut oil from reputable stores. Pure coconut oil can be stored at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. When using it for cooking, you can increase it up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Coconut oil does not need to be stored in the refrigerator and you can simply store it in a dry and cool place. Coconut milk occurs naturally inside the flesh of a ripe coconut and is different from coconut water.

When you remove the coconut skin, white natural water comes out, which is “coconut water”. To get coconut milk, you need to mix its meat with some water in a blender to make coconut milk. come on

It should be noted that coconut water is mostly found in unripe coconuts that are around 5 to 7 months old, but to produce more coconut milk, it is better to use ripe coconuts whose water has penetrated into their flesh.

Compared to coconut milk, coconut water has more sugar and specific electrolytes, but coconut milk contains more saturated fatty acids and calories. Coconut water has low amounts of calories, carbohydrates, sugar and fat, on the other hand, it is a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin B and protein.

Although coconut has many health benefits, it may cause unwanted side effects in some people.

A glass of coconut water contains 252 mg of sodium, which can be harmful for people with high blood pressure or pre-existing vascular diseases.

Consult your doctor to be sure.

Coconut water can cause allergies and sensitivities in babies and some adults. Excessive consumption of coconut water can cause increased urination. Consult your doctor if you have any kidney problems.

Coconut water is not good for those with irritable bowel syndrome. Excessive consumption of coconut water may cause a severe drop in blood pressure in those with low blood pressure.

Consuming too much coconut water can be fatal, as it contains a large amount of potassium and can disturb the body’s electrolyte balance. Drinking coconut water at night can cause enuresis.


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