What should we do to have a great time at the birthday party?

In order to organize the birthday party as well as possible and create a happy and enjoyable atmosphere on the birthday, the guests and the host must follow some points so that the party can be held well and happily.

When and when should we celebrate a birthday?
The best time to have a birthday party is on holidays when the children are off the next day and do not go to school. Having a birthday party on Friday night is not good at all because it may go on till late and the kids will start Saturday morning tired.

Also, birthdays are usually held at night, and only a series of children’s birthdays that invite kindergarten children are held in the afternoon.

How do we go to the birthday party?
If you are invited to a birthday party, men should not wear pants suits and women should wear evening dresses and maxi dresses, but should wear sporty and comfortable clothes so that they will not be upset if happy snow falls on them.

Be sure to use antiperspirant before participating in the birthday party, because there is usually a lot of excitement in such events. Get ready an hour earlier to avoid traffic jams, and if your birthday party is after dinner, eat something light so you have room for cake.

What should we get for a birthday party?
If you want to prepare a gift for someone whose birthday you are invited to, pay attention to their age, gender, and family relationship. If you are going to the children’s birthday, get small gifts for the rest of the possible children so that they don’t leave the party on their heads.

Never give money instead of a gift because it shows that you haven’t given the least thought to buying a gift, so give at least a gift card. If it’s a boy’s birthday, you go to get him a gift instead of taking household items as a gift.

Know the mood of the birthday party
Before going to the birthday party, make sure to take statistics of the participants in the birthday party to understand their personality because the atmosphere is very heavy in some birthday parties and if you enter the assembly with a horn hat, you have made a mockery of yourself.


If all the people present at the birthday party were young and of the same age as you, you can make noise and raise the volume of the recording, but if there were old men and old women present at the ceremony who were not too noisy, do not make so much noise that the complaining party and tell you something.

Be together

Get yourself busy and get busy. Don’t be isolated, participate in the happy crowd and be happy because it’s a birthday and you should be happy and busy.

Turn off your cell phone on your birthday
Turn off your cell phone and enjoy playing with the little ones. Believe me, you won’t miss anything by turning off your mobile and spending a few carefree hours in the virtual world and checking your likes on Instagram.

Don’t be rude at the birthday party
If you arrive late to the birthday party and all the seats are filled, it’s okay to sit on the floor, or if someone kicks your hand with shoes and slippers at the birthday party, don’t be upset and just smile. If you are frowning because of these things, you will certainly upset the owner of the house.

Take photos at the birthday party
One of the greatest joys of a birthday party is taking pictures. Take pictures with all your friends and relatives and don’t leave a class. Perform any funny pose while taking pictures, but don’t give each other horns because it’s too lame and tasteless.

Do not indulge in taking pictures and do not insist on taking pictures of me and my wife. Taking 2 photos is enough. Take pictures with any camera.

Another issue in photography is not to forget the elders. Don’t just take photos with your peers and invite everyone very respectfully to be in the photos. Do not take random photos of the other people present, except for those with whom you are joking. Maybe someone doesn’t like to take a picture of him without introduction and it will be blurry later.

Film the birthday party
Filming also has a strange feeling like taking pictures. So don’t take a video without coordinating with someone and take a video that includes the birthday, cake, candles, gifts and guests. You can create beautiful memories for the future by taking a good movie.

Know your side

Blowing out the birthday candle is important for some people, so let him blow out his candle with enthusiasm after making a wish and closing his eyes and filling his lips, and don’t blow out their candle as a joke. If they ask you all to blow out the birthday candles, do it and don’t worry about the cake being unsanitary.

Sing at the birthday party
Read the clichéd poem “Happy birthday, happy birthday…” to the end. The beauty and fun of birthday is all about his actions.

Observe again

After the ceremony is over, make the host happy with a farewell and don’t sit alone for two hours and drag out the party. If the birthday starts at 8:30, it will be enough until 11, because the host must be tired and it is better to relax for half an hour before going to bed.

The host also has to do some things during the birthday party
Just smile on your birthday
It’s not just the guests who have to observe some things to make the birthday as good as possible. The host can help make the party even better by doing some things like smiling and having a smiling face.

Don’t be stingy at the birthday party
They consider 100 grams of cake for each person, and if there are 20 of you, you should have two kilos of cake. Don’t be stingy and order the cake in such a way that if your guest had a small dinner hoping for cake, there will be enough cake when sharing.

Find the neighbor

To thank your neighbors for their patience, buy a slice of cake for each family. This should be considered when buying a cake.

Manage the timing of the birthday party
If it’s your child’s birthday, don’t postpone the process of blowing out the candles and cutting the cake because the children fall asleep after 9 o’clock and they have the ability to destroy the assembly, so as long as they have good manners and have a smile on their faces, carry out the ceremony. do.


To improve the decorations, choose a corner of the house and decorate it as the current location of the ceremony to make it better in the video and photos. If you use balloons for decoration, divide them among the children before they start fighting over the balloons.

Be polite at the birthday party
Keep your smile until the end of the meeting and be polite. If tea spilled on the carpet or children walked on the sofas during the ceremony, keep your cool, if you want to be rude because of these things, don’t have a birthday at all.

Prepare a light dinner for the birthday party
If you are planning to give dinner to your guests, prepare a light dinner that does not need to be served because there is usually cake, sweets, fruit, chocolate, lebu, and roasted corn, so it is better to consider a small sandwich for dinner.

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