What are the animals with answers | Children’s puzzle about funny animals

Animal anatomy with answers
Animal puzzles for children are a solution to relieve boredom on a long family trip or children’s party. Have them guess the riddles, and move up a level when they find the answer. Below are different categories of animal riddles with answers that will be fun for kids.

Animal anatomy with simple answer
I am known as a king
The jungle is where I reign

I am hard to tame

And I have a big mane

Answer: Milk


I’m bigger than a house
And I am afraid of mice.

I have big big toes.

And I have something like a hose on my face, what am I?

Answer: Elephant


What animal is it that always sleeps with its shoes on?
Answer: horse


I can sing, but I can’t talk, I can climb a tall tree, but I can’t run, I have very soft hair and a very hard mouth; Which animal am I?
Answer: Bird


I am a dangerous animal that if you turn me upside down, I will become a unit of measurement;

Answer: Tarantula

I can turn my head about 270 degrees and have a reputation for being quiet in flight.
Answer: An owl


My baby looks like a fish, but when I grow up, I have four arms and legs. I burp when I talk and jump when I walk. what am ?
Answer: Frog


When I walk I jump and when I stand I sit. what am i
Answer: Kangaroo


I am a kind of animal
Some people say that I have a long face

I am very good at running fast

So people ride me in the race

Answer: horse

I have four legs but no tail. My voice is usually only heard at night. What kind of animal am I?
Answer: Frog

Children’s puzzle about funny animals

What color comes out of the brown and white chicken egg?
Answer: Rooster does not lay eggs.

What do you call a chicken in the North Pole?
Answer: Lost

What do you call a pig without legs?
Answer: Ground pig

What kind of mice do cats not like to eat?
Answer: A computer mouse

Why do cats make good soldiers?
Answer: Because they have seven lives

What is it that one side is an electrical socket and the other side is an electrical screw?
Answer: Pig

Where do fish sleep?
Answer: Water bed

I was born pink but then I change to black and white. My favorite food is bamboo. I have dark circles around my eyes even when I’m not tired. what am I
Answer: Panda bear

I row with four oars but never leave the house. what am I
Answer: Blue turtle

I am a fish following a mouse; what am I
Answer: Catfish

Stories about animals for children and adults

I have no eyes, no legs, no ears, but if you give me time, I can move the earth. what am I
Answer: Earthworm

I live upside down, I see with my ears and I don’t use my eyes, and I will give you a big surprise on Halloween. I always turn left when leaving the house. I am the only mammal that can continue to fly. what am I
Answer: Bat

I like to use my long tongue
To eat the leaves on top of the trees

I don’t have to go over the top

We get help from my long neck.

Answer: Giraffe

I have no sword, I have no spear, but I rule a group that many fear, My soldiers fight with evil fangs, I rule with power, but I am not a king. what am I
Answer: Queen Bee

I’m like you except I have a tail, I’m a good climber. I can imitate you very easily. I eat fruits, insects and flowers. My favorite food is banana. what am I
Answer: Monkey

I live in the ocean. I have very sharp teeth and I eat meat. what am I
Answer: Shark

I like to stay awake at night and sleep during the day. Who am I?
Answer: Owl

I am the fastest animal but I can’t climb a tree. Who am I?
Answer: Cheetah

I may be small, but if I were to climb a tall and mighty tower, I could lift things that were about 5,000 times my weight. what am I
Answer: Ant

I fly all night and sleep in the morning, when I do, I hang upside down. Who am I?
Answer: Bat

Animal riddle with hard answer

What is it that is hard but not a stone, lays eggs and is not a chicken, has four legs and is not a dog?
Answer: Turtle

an animal with a wolf’s head and a snake’s back and a deer’s tail; What is the name of this animal?
Answer: Cow

Which animal spends the day by the window and is at the table during the meal and disappears at night?
Answer: fly

I am an aquatic animal with blue blood; What animal am I?
Answer: Shrimp

I carry my home with me, whether I am in water or on land. what am i
Answer: Turtle

I have a duck bill, webbed feet, a water dog tail, and I lay eggs. What animal am I?
Answer: Platypus

I hide my treasure in the ground,
And in winter I dig it.

you might see me in a tree

My nut dinner is nuts.

Answer: Squirrel

It has beautiful lines and spots, but if you move too late, it stings; What is that?
Answer: Snake

The tailless tiger lion did not eat barley or wheat. Walk in the garden. Give honey to people.
Answer: Honey bee

What is the bird that swims in the water if we call it the other way around?
Answer: Goose

last word

It’s important for kids to learn about animals because it helps them learn interesting facts about their furry friends and wild animals. Children also learn new words when reading or solving animal puzzles.‚Äč


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