Disadvantages of virtual relationship; Traps hidden in the dark

In today’s world, virtual space is woven into the fabric of human life. Virtual communication, including friendships and emotional relationships, have become an integral part of this space. But along with the benefits of this type of relationship, there are also disadvantages that must be taken into account.


Disadvantages of virtual relationship
1. Dishonesty and deception:
Cyberspace provides a suitable platform for deception and trickery. People can easily hide their identity and provide false information. This can lead to misunderstanding, discouragement and even emotional damage.


2. Lack of true intimacy:
Virtual communication lacks many key elements of real intimacy. Body language, tone of voice and physical contact, which play an essential role in creating emotional intimacy, are absent in this type of relationship.


3. Addiction to virtual space:
Engaging in virtual relationships can be addictive. Constantly checking messages, likes and comments can lead to wasted time, anxiety and depression.

4. Damage to real relationships:
Indulging in virtual relationships can damage one’s real relationships with family and friends. Paying too much attention to the virtual world distances a person from the real world and causes isolation.


5. Defects in social skills:
Virtual communication can hinder the development of social skills in people, especially young people. Virtual interactions are not a good substitute for real interactions in the real world.


6. Security risks:
Sharing personal information in cyberspace can lead to security risks. Hacking of accounts, misuse of personal information and fraud are among these risks.


7. Mental health problems:
Studies have shown that excessive use of virtual space and virtual relationships can be associated with anxiety, depression, loneliness, and low self-esteem.

Solutions to reduce the disadvantages of virtual relationship:
– Awareness of risks: The first step to deal with the disadvantages of virtual relationship is to be aware of these risks.

– Limiting the time of use: Determining a specific time to use virtual space and virtual relationships can help control addiction and maintain balance in life.

– Focus on real relationships: Spend time on real interactions with family and friends in the real world.

– Strengthening social skills: participate in social and group activities to strengthen your social skills.


Other solutions to reduce the harm of virtual relationship
Along with being aware of the disadvantages of a virtual relationship, these disadvantages can be greatly reduced by using solutions:


1. Privacy:
Avoid sharing your personal and private information online.

Use a strong and unique password for your user accounts.

Be careful what information you post about yourself and others on your public profiles.

2. Patience and caution:
Be patient and careful when starting a virtual relationship.

Before trusting the other person, get to know them well.

Avoid making video and audio calls with unknown people.

3. Maintaining balance:
Maintain balance in the use of virtual space and virtual relationships.

Spend time interacting with family and friends in the real world.

Enjoy sports and recreational activities in the real world.


4. Critical thinking:
Think critically about the information you receive online.

Seek confirmation and verification of information from reliable sources.

Avoid blindly believing everything you see and hear online.


5. Getting help:
If you feel that you are involved in an unhealthy virtual relationship, seek help from a professional psychologist or counselor.

Talk to your family and friends about your concerns.

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