Checking the details of the open world maps in Call of Duty

For the first time, check out the details of the open world maps in Call of duty

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the action and exciting games that has attracted many gamers. In fact, Call of Duty has made it possible for gamers to play multiplayer games with the highest quality. However, in some versions of the Call of Duty game, there are details of the open world maps, which we will refer to below.

Details of the open world maps in Call of Duty
According to the latest figures revealed before the release of Black Ops 3 Call of Duty, Studio Arc has been creating and developing a campaign on open world maps, which it decided to abandon after a year of working on it. At that time, few details of this program were published; But now, according to the information obtained from this game, we can have a better idea of it. According to one of the Reddit users, in the leaked images of the Black Ops 3 open maps Call of Duty, several of its extensive environments can be seen. These environments included various mini-modes such as assassination, defense and sabotage missions. Also, different weather patterns have been seen in this environment along with day and night circulation. The existence of some economic and construction elements in this environment has also been seen by some gamers.

Due to Tri-Arc’s abandonment of this campaign, the environments created for the final campaign in 2015 were also linear. Also, despite many efforts to publish this program, its developers had to endure many hardships. Finally, this version of the game was released in 2015 and was criticized and welcomed by many gamers. In this regard, there were criticisms about the game’s lack of innovation, which would be minimized if the open world campaign was realized. This game was also a financial success like other versions of Call of Duty.

Introducing the new map of Call of Duty mobile game
It can be said that most of the new released versions of this game are copies of the previous versions with some changes. The newest map of Call of Duty is Coastal, which is designed in such a way that gamers are fighting with their opponents in the middle of several streets and in different buildings. In fact, this game map looks very similar to Seaside in Black Ops 4.

Introduction of previous maps in Call of Duty mobile game
1- Crash
One of the most symbolic and at the same time the most popular maps of Call of Duty, which was made available to users in the fourth version of the game called Modern Warfare. The dimensions of this map are medium in which there is a crashed helicopter. Also, the presence of many buildings around this helicopter is a very good option for close combat.


2- Docks
This map can be considered as one of the newer maps of Call of Duty Mobile. Docks were first introduced in 2019’s Modern Warfare. Also, the small size of this map is very suitable for two-on-one battles. The design of this map is similar and symmetrical. However, in each section, a two-story brick building connected by a bridge can be seen.


3- Crossfire
Another popular map of Call of Duty Mobile is in the previous versions, which has attracted the attention of many users. In this map, the presence of a war-torn street is very suitable for fierce battles between snipers. Also, on both sides of this street, there are two-story buildings with lots of windows, which are great for targeting your opponent.

Review of the best maps of Call of Duty mobile game
1- Dome
It is one of the best maps of Call of Duty Mobile, which was released and made available to users in the game Modern Warfare 3. This very small map is in the middle of a domed building, which is great for close combat.


2- Terminal
This medium-sized map became available to gamers as one of the most popular Call of Duty maps in Modern Warfare 2. In this map, there is a large airport with many internal and external spaces. Also, next to the main building, there is an airplane that can be entered there in case of necessity.


3- Sudal Harber
Another best map is Call of Duty Mobile, which takes gamers to a port located in Songdal, Norway. The presence of a large market and warehouse on one side of the map creates enough space for movement, and on the other hand, the presence of containers on the other side of the map creates less space for movement. For this reason, it can be said that this map has a strange structure compared to other maps. Also, you can experience more excitement in these spaces by purchasing CP Call of Duty Mobile and having advanced game features.


4- Slums
This map was made available to users in the game Black Ops 2, which leads them to the slums of Panama. Also, in this map, you can see a small park with a fountain surrounded by many buildings. The Slums map is a very suitable option for using a variety of long-range and close-range combat methods.

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