How to attract a man’s interest?

Couples get angry with each other, fight or even divorce. You may have hated him, rejected him, or even deleted his phone number from your phone. But as soon as you close your eyes, his memory, his laughter, his caresses, everything comes back to you.


What if you were so important to him. But that’s life… full of ifs and buts. So what should you do now? Go to other men and try them on? But if you can’t do that, there is still a way for you. You can make him come back to you and fall in love with you.


In the rest of this article, we will introduce you to 3 ways to make your favorite man jealous. But be careful to use these methods only for men who are at least a little soft with you. Of course, if you are not sure about his feelings, you can also use these ways. Because you don’t miss anything.

don’t cry

To begin with, you need to stop crying. Don’t cry, don’t beg and don’t look for him. The more you chase after him, the further away you are from him. Give him time and peace and at the same time talk to his friends. Show him how important they are in your life. Compliment their words, conversations, and behaviors. Your man must feel your absence in his life. Never start talking to him unless you are sure he is interested. If he doesn’t step forward to talk, you can show him some attention. But remember, always know your limits.


keep yourself busy

keep yourself busy Try to get him out of your mind. Show him that you are busy, play sms with your friends, talk on the phone and even chat. Always remember, when you miss him, you just have to wait. The reason is that you have a lot of time for this. Make him ask you what is keeping you so busy. You ignore him and change the conversation and doubt him. Believe me, men fall in love with women’s mystery more than they fall in love with their appearance.


Change yourself

Change yourself and surprise him. Try to be someone else. Take time for yourself. Go to the gym, go to the hairdresser and learn a new sport. He will definitely be upset when he sees you going out and having fun with other people. This will make him feel jealous and even make him follow you from class to check you out.


He needs to understand that your life doesn’t just revolve around him. With this method, be sure that he will be surprised and jealous. You should show that it is not important in your life and be happy and comfortable and enjoy being single. Do not be available to him. Let him look for you.


But at the same time you have to be careful. Do not be too hard on him. If your partner gets angry, give him some time. All is fair in love and war, what matters is his presence in your life.

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