Xiaomi or Samsung? which one is better? | Full comparison

When it comes to Samsung or Xiaomi, subconsciously everyone’s mind goes to smart phones. In the smart mobile market, Samsung brand and Xiaomi brand are moving closely together. Sometimes it is difficult to choose between these two brands because the products produced by both companies are among the best. If you want to know which one is better, Samsung or Xiaomi, be sure to stay with us.

Samsung or Xiaomi
Xiaomi or Samsung is a famous dilemma that many people reach when buying. These days, when you go to the stores to buy a phone, Samsung and Xiaomi brands are usually sold side by side, and there is a fierce competition between these two brands.

The Korean company Samsung has been able to survive for many years in the Middle East market, which is due to the high quality of its products. But for a few years now, the Chinese company Xiaomi has been able to capture a large market in the Middle East and even Europe. Xiaomi phones have been able to make a place in the hearts of Iranians because of their excellent features and reasonable prices. It is better to do a detailed comparison between Xiaomi and Samsung in order to know whether Xiaomi or Samsung is better and decide to buy:

Samsung brand is Korean and sometimes some of its products are produced or assembled by China. But the Xiaomi company is specific to China and is only produced in this country.
Samsung has been active in the production of all kinds of wearable gadgets, mobile accessories, production of smart LEDs, AirPods and many other products, and the products of this Korean company are considered almost luxury and expensive. But the Xiaomi company is a brand that has recently gained strength in the production of phones and powerful phone batteries, as well as some accessories such as AirPods, shavers, etc. The products of this company are cheaper due to their performance.
Samsung phones have good image and pixel quality, but in terms of battery power, they perform poorly compared to Xiaomi. Xiaomi phones do not match Samsung in screen and camera quality. But in terms of battery power, they perform very well compared to some Samsung models.

Is Xiaomi brand better or Samsung?

Although many people see important differences in the phone and other products of both companies, they are still hesitant to buy Xiaomi or Samsung products. Just visit a mobile store and see what questions customers ask the most. You will see that the question “Samsung phone is better or Xiaomi” is a constant question of customers.

This hesitancy and staying on two paths is completely natural. Because if you compare both brands and put them on the scales, they are all equal. Because each of them is strong in some cases and characteristics and weak in some cases. In fact, Samsung has covered Xiaomi’s weaknesses and Xiaomi has been able to cover Samsung’s weaknesses.

If you still don’t know which Samsung or Xiaomi phone is better, be sure to compare both. Many reputable store sites in the country have provided you with the possibility of comparing these two brands in different models. You can compare both and buy one.

If you are hesitant to buy other products of these two companies, you can still compare both on different sites and buy the best product that matches your needs.

Samsung or Xiaomi user interface
The user interface in different phones is a kind of signature and sign of a smartphone. When you take a look at the phone and Android screen of some phones, you see the type of screen and its user interface different from raw Android. When you hold Samsung phones in your hand, you can easily see some features such as the clock or a video you have set for the lock screen by touching the screen. Now the rest of the brands, like Xiaomi, have considered such personal modes for the screen, each of which is specific to the desired brand.

All mobile manufacturing brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi and other brands try to design their user interface in such a way that users can use them more easily.

Samsung used the Samsung One UI Home user interface for the first time in the S10 phone and made its customers happy and satisfied. Every time we produce a model of Samsung phones, we see a new version of the user interface of this company.

After the weakening of the Huawei brand in the market, Xiaomi company was able to fill the place of this brand. Therefore, he was able to install and run his own user interface, MIUI, on his phones. At first, this company used special iOS elements in this field, but over time, it designed its own user interface.

Samsung or Xiaomi camera
Comparing Xiaomi with Samsung is one of the things that buyers always do and after comparing they can buy one of the two brands. In the meantime, they consider the comparison of different features and facilities and then choose one. One of these features is the Xiaomi or Samsung camera. The camera is one of the most important functions in a mobile phone. In addition to communicating with the phone, users like to use its camera to record special moments or create content. For this reason, its quality and actual pixels are very important.

If you want to say clearly and clearly which camera is better about the camera of Samsung and Xiaomi phones, it might seem a bit unprofessional. Because in comparing the camera of these two brands, you have to put the model, price, camera pixel and some factors together and then make a correct comparison. But in general, it can be said that Xiaomi has stronger rear cameras than Samsung in its mid-range and high-end phones. But in low-priced models, it has not been able to reach Samsung.

Samsung phones in the middle and high price category have a very high quality selfie camera, which Xiaomi lacks at this level of quality. Knowing these things, some people can decide whether Xiaomi is better or Samsung and which one to buy.

Buy Samsung or Xiaomi
To buy a Samsung or Xiaomi phone, be sure to do more research; Because you may regret it later. It is better to consider the following 3 important points when buying:

  • First you need to determine your budget. Because both brands have low-end, mid-range and high-end phones.
  • If you are planning to buy a flagship phone, be sure to do your comparison in person.
  • Determine what you are buying the phone for and what is your purpose for having the phone? In this case, you can shop more easily.


In the end, it must be said that it is not possible to clearly determine that Samsung or Xiaomi is better. Because both have strong and weak points. Therefore, it is better to know the purpose of use to make a better purchase.

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