Everything about the Instagram admin job: from tasks to income

In this article, we are going to answer the question, who is the Instagram admin and what are his duties in this social network? The term admin is one of the most used words on Instagram, which is also considered a lucrative job. You probably see people around you who have significant monthly income without leaving home, and if you ask about their activity and job, they will answer that they are Instagram page admins.

So the main question is, who exactly is the Instagram admin and what does he do on this platform? In the following, we will examine more closely the nature of this job and the description of its duties and responsibilities.

Admin definition
The word admin is basically an abbreviation of the word Administrator. Due to the wide use of this word in the IT world, gradually and over time, the term admin changed to the current form and pronunciation of admin, and thus found its place in speech. Most likely, if you have a computer or laptop with Windows or Mac at home, you have come across the word admin a lot and you have seen it many times in different parts of Windows. It can be said that anyone who has a personal computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet is considered an administrator.

Who is the Instagram admin?
The word Webmaster also has a similar meaning and refers to a person who is in charge of the overall management of a website. He is responsible for publishing new content, changing the appearance of the site, fixing bugs and responding to user comments.


But it should be noted that a platform as big as Instagram cannot be managed by just one Webmaster. Therefore, directly asking “Who is the Instagram admin?” In order to achieve a comprehensive and useful answer, it is not very strategic.


As you mentioned, Instagram has over a billion user accounts, each known as a profile or account. In fact, each of these profiles or accounts can be considered a page on Instagram.


Therefore, instead of asking “Who or what is the admin of Instagram?”, you should express your question more precisely and ask: “Who or what is the admin of the Instagram page?” In this way, it becomes possible to focus on the management of individual pages and accounts on this platform.

Instagram page manager
As mentioned above, each profile on Instagram is a dedicated page and page. It doesn’t matter if it’s a public or private page, in any case, each Instagram profile is a unique page. Without age restrictions, any smartphone owner who has the Android or iOS version of Instagram installed on their phone can create an Instagram page.


The concept of “anonymous” is the same for all Instagram users. Except for minor differences between the profiles of celebrities and famous people and the profiles of ordinary people, all users can equally use the features and capabilities of this social network.

Most Instagram features are available to all users, including creating posts, stories, sending private messages, following other users, and liking content. Even the same privacy restrictions apply to everyone.


You must have seen movies that compare certain lifestyles with the normal lives of people in society. Often, people with popular jobs and lifestyles away from the crowd need trusted people to handle their affairs. In fact, managers and executives consider these people to be a part of their profession or business so that they can have full control over their affairs due to their busy schedule.


In the world of Instagram, the concept of admin plays almost the same role. Busy people such as actors, business owners, celebrities and generally page owners who have extensive activities and cannot manage it themselves full time, use their trusted people as admin or page manager to organize things.


IGA or Instagram Page Admin stands for “Instagram Page Admin” and is considered a similar category to Instagram Page Admin. The manager of an Instagram page is responsible for various tasks for which he receives a salary from the owner of the respective page. In the following sections, we will describe the duties of this role in more detail.

Instagram page management tasks
Definitely, the meaning of this term can be better understood by stating the duties of the admin on Instagram. According to the above content, we realized that the word admin means manager, and admin on Instagram refers to a person who manages a page on this social network.

Now, let’s take a look at the tasks that an Instagram admin is responsible for and get paid from the page owner for doing them.


If you are an active user of Instagram and follow the pages of well-known people and businesses in Iran, you must have noticed that the phrase “This page is managed by the admin” is mentioned in the bio introduction of the page. You are also well acquainted with the capabilities of a profile.


An Instagram page manager performs a series of tasks whose ultimate goal is to promote and develop the page. These tasks are similar to the tasks you do to manage and grow your Instagram page, but with the difference that they are done in a more professional manner and with expertise in the field of marketing and social media management. Some of the most important tasks of an Instagram page admin are:

• Creating attractive content related to the topic of the page: this content can include photos, videos, stories, live and IGTV.

• Planning to publish content at the right time: the admin should know when the posts get the most views and plan publishing accordingly.

• Interacting with followers: Answering comments, direct messages, and holding contests and polls are among the ways to interact with followers.

• Statistics analysis and reporting: Admin should check the performance of the page using analytical tools and prepare reports on the number of views, likes, comments and followers.

• Increasing followers: using appropriate hashtags, advertising and collaborating with other pages are among the ways to increase followers.

• Page security management: The admin must be careful of hackers and fraudsters and maintain the security of the page.

General duties of the Instagram admin
• Upload and publish content including photos and videos regularly

• Write a description or text that matches the content you’ve uploaded.

• Reply to messages sent by page followers or people who are not related followers.

• Reply to comments on posts.

• Delete comments with rude and offensive content.

• Submit a story.

• Respond to reactions to the story

• Increase the number of likes on posts.

• Increase views of shared videos.

• Give solutions to increase visits.

• Increase the number of real followers.

• Keep the page secure and prevent it from being hacked.

• Take the necessary measures to make the profile more dynamic (periodic changes in bio text and profile picture).

• Have relative mastery of graphic software such as Illustrator and Photoshop.

• Increasing the level of interaction on the Instagram page (Engagement Rate Optimization)

• Familiarity with different advertising methods on Instagram

• Have a relative mastery of the English language.

• Creativity in content production

The mentioned content is one of the main duties of the Instagram page admin. The amount of salary and benefits of the admin depends on his skill and ability in managing the Instagram page. For the page owner, it may not be necessary to have all the above items in an admin, on the other hand, a page needs a person as an admin with all the mentioned capabilities.


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