The seven beliefs of the rich that they live with?!!!

Research results have shown that apart from having different methods and tricks to generate income, the rich also have philosophies and beliefs that cannot be found in ordinary people. In the following, we discuss 7 things that the rich believe in.

What can be concluded from various researches and articles in the field of income generation and how we can become a rich person is that in addition to learning how to generate income, we must also cultivate the right beliefs and thoughts in our minds. One of the best ways to get these right thoughts is to gain experience from the knowledge of the rich.

Steve Seibold, the author of the book “How Rich People Think”, which is based on interviews with more than 1,200 rich people from around the world, said: “If you follow the beliefs, philosophy and strategies of rich people and start working, chances are You have a lot to achieve and become rich as a result.”

The problem is that many people do not like or accept this method and try to make money in a different way than the rich say, like in the youth of Seibold. He says in this regard:

“I spent the first 25 years of my youth like other young people thinking about money and getting rich, which made me always need money. Then, as soon as I changed my way of thinking, I got power and money.”

With this account, getting rich should not be so difficult and it depends on our thoughts. In order for you to change your thinking, we share with you 7 facts that the rich have accepted.

Money solves most problems

The rich have a different view of money than ordinary people. They look at money according to the good conditions and facilities that can be provided; Such as freedom, prosperity, position and abundance. The rich are not afraid of the fact that money can solve many problems and have accepted it. Seibold wrote in his book:

“Millionaires know that money is a good tool for creating ideal conditions and opportunities. They also believe that if you are not happy without money, you will not be happy with money. Although money plays a small role in happiness and enjoyment of life. But we should not forget that money is one of the important tools to continue life

In between, there are certain people who look at money as an enemy and cause of misfortune. Seibold wrote about these people: “Many people have a hostile and dysfunctional relationship with money. If you want to make a lot of money, it is better not to see money as an enemy and consider it your best ally and friend.”

Wealth has very little to do with your level of education

It is a topic that most ordinary people may disagree with, but Seibold has an interesting opinion: “The self-made rich agree that achieving a high income has very little to do with one’s level of education and more to do with focus and persistence to achieve success. will return.”

He says that building a good future does not necessarily depend on being smarter: “Achieving success depends on knowing what you want and focusing on achieving it. Now, no matter how much time it takes or how difficult it is, it should not be an obstacle for you to reach your goal. It’s a simple method, but you have to keep in mind that it’s not easy.”

It is interesting to know that a large number of rich people have abandoned their education and have little education. Rich people have acquired their knowledge not by acquiring science in university but by gaining experience. It is written in Seibold’s book:

“It is enough to go to the house of a rich person, and one of the first things that will attract your attention is his large and huge library, which, naturally, the study of these books has contributed a lot to his success.”

If you love what you do, the money will flow

The more you like something, the more you care about it and try to do it better and more qualitatively, even different from others, and this will make you more famous and earn more. In Seibold’s writings, we can read: “Most people think about how much money they will make if they do something, but rich people first find what they are interested in doing and then try to get it.” make money doing it.”

If you do what you do with passion and love, the things you need to succeed will be easier. Seibold said in this regard:

“Instead of looking for the job that will bring you the most money, look for a job that you enjoy doing and that you know you can succeed in doing. After you find such a job, put all your effort and focus “Place your success in that job so that you can become one of the most capable and well-known people in your field. Then you will see that you have a lot of wealth and income.”

You don’t need capital to make money

Contrary to the belief of many people that money will bring income, the rich have a different opinion. Seibold wrote in his book:

“The stereotype that you need capital to make money can be limiting at best and destructive at worst. The reality is that you have to have the best ideas for solving problems in order to make money. Creative Ideas “They can be scarce resources, but most people are so focused on where the money is going to come from that they ignore the ideas.”

Wealthy people first focus on finding and developing a creative idea, then go after other people’s pockets to get the capital needed to make their ideas a reality. Seibold says about this:

“Talented people always know that money is there in any situation because there are people with money who are looking for an ideal investment so that they can turn these ideas into reservoirs of income.”

Money will not fall into your lap, you have to go for it

Many people believe that others will provide them with suitable living conditions; But they think completely wrong. Seibold says:

“No one is going to discover you, save you, or make you rich overnight. If you want to make a lot of money, you have to start your own business and know that no one is going to come to your rescue or help you.”

This statement is completely true and common people are waiting for good conditions and position to be provided for them. This is while gifted people define a goal for their success and then use all their strength to reach their goal.

Another characteristic of rich people is that they not only strive to achieve success, but are also very alert to the situation. In Seibold’s book we read:

“Rich people ask themselves: ‘Why am I not successful? I am as good as anyone else and I deserve to be rich and successful. If I help other people solve their problems, why shouldn’t I be rewarded for it?’ And because they have cultivated that belief in themselves, that’s what makes them succeed.”

The fastest way to get rich is self-employment

Average people get paid based on their working hours, which is divided into two types of work based on fixed salary or based on the hours worked. While the rich earn based on the results they receive. Apart from these issues, rich people are basically the owners of their jobs and have complete control over their income. Seibold says about this:

“It is true that there are people in the world who receive high salaries for what they do, but you must consider that this method is the longest and perhaps the safest way to get rich; but the rich know that self-employment is the fastest way to get rich. The income is high.”

While the world’s rich are growing, average people are happy with their fixed salaries and sacrifice their life positions for the monthly income they have. In Seibold’s book you read:

“The majority of people seek to secure a partial well-being in their lives by being in a job and earning a sufficient salary, and if they have a good chance, they will be promoted at their job and a percentage will be added to their basic salary.”

Getting rich is all about how you think

Seibold emphasized that anyone can become rich:

“Getting rich comes down to how you think and what you believe about making money. The key to success for all rich people has always been the same: thinking.”

If you want to think like a rich person, learn more about them. Seibold continues:

“Stop saying that your getting rich is out of your control. The truth is, getting rich comes down to your beliefs and thoughts.”


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