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Green tea is one of the most popular teas in the world, which has gained many times its popularity in recent years. The reason for this popularity is that people are more aware of the properties of green tea. Green tea is actually the unoxidized extract of black tea. This extract is extracted from the buds of the Camellia sinensis plant, which have many properties for the body. These days, even people who do not like the aroma of green tea are benefiting from the properties of this extract. You must be asking how? Well, the answer is simple, by taking green tea pills.

People who use green tea extract to increase fat burning and lose weight need to consume a significant amount of this extract per day. It is a difficult task to provide the required amount of catechin and effective compounds for weight loss from green tea extract using tea. Because firstly, you need a lot of time to prepare tea, secondly, excessive consumption of green tea tea may cause diarrhea or other digestive problems, and thirdly, the amount of pure green tea extract that has the desired effect is more in its pill than in its tea. So, knowing this, any person who wants to use the slimming properties of green tea, goes to buy its pills, which is a smarter choice.


The amazing effect of green tea on health and people’s great interest in this extract has made various types of green tea tablets pure or combined with other herbal extracts such as apple cider vinegar, cumin, etc. available in the market today. Therefore, each person can choose one of them according to his needs and interests. In the continuation of this article, we are going to tell you more about the properties of green tea tablets and its uses and also introduce you to the best brand of green tea tablets available in the market.


What are green tea pills?
Green tea pill is a product obtained from dry and standardized extract of green tea. In the process of producing green tea tablets, additional components of its extract are taken and finally a pure extract with multiple effects compared to green tea tea is available to those interested. Some examples of green tea pills are combined with other herbs for purposes such as weight loss to have a better and more effective effect. But why is green tea so popular? What is the reason for the popularity of this herbal pill? In the following we will find the answer to this question.

What are the properties and uses of green tea pills?
If the green tea pill is produced purely and without additional substances (other plant extracts), it will have exactly the same properties as green tea, but the difference between the pill and the tea of this substance is in a more targeted and better effect on the body. However, green tea and its tablets are full of properties for different parts of the body. But in the following, we will discuss some of the most important and bold properties of green tea tablets.


Green tea pills for slimming and weight loss
Most of us have read and heard so much about green tea in TV programs and on various social networks that when we hear its name, the first thing that comes to our mind is weight loss. According to many doctors and experts of traditional medicine, green tea pills are a very effective herbal medicine for slimming, for this reason, it is also recommended to eat green tea pills in special slimming diets along with exercise and modification of eating habits.

The properties of green tea pills for weight loss are so great that it cannot be ignored. The reason for this effectiveness is the presence of very strong antioxidants. Antioxidants such as catechin found in the extract of this slimming herbal medicine play an effective role in reducing cholesterol and blood sugar. The effective ingredients of green tea reduce blood sugar by reducing salivary and intestinal amylase enzymes and help weight loss by reducing the intestinal absorption of glucose and fat.


In addition, these compounds increase the body’s metabolism and make it easier to burn fat in the body. This means that by consuming green tea while walking or doing aerobic or anaerobic sports, you will burn more fat and your body’s efficiency will increase. Another effect of green tea on weight loss is that by affecting the muscles and reducing muscle stiffness and fatigue, it allows you to exercise more time and burn more calories.


According to experts, the best time to consume green tea for weight loss is right after main meals. Of course, only if you don’t have a stomach problem, you can consume green tea at these times, because green tea has alkaline properties and stimulates the secretion of stomach acid and increases it.

Lowering blood pressure by taking green tea pills
Among the other properties of green tea, thanks to the presence of strong antioxidants in this plant, is helping to reduce cholesterol in the blood and opening the arteries. Cholesterol usually accumulates in the arteries when there is inflammation in the artery. The antioxidants in green tea extract can eliminate the inflammation in the arteries and prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in the main arteries around the heart.

Therefore, it can be said that taking green tea pills is also useful for lowering blood pressure and blood sugar. In fact, regulation of blood sugar and blood pressure also prevents cardiovascular diseases.


Some examples of green tea tablets, including Girin Tidin tablets, are produced with several other plant extracts, which, in addition to weight loss, can be used for other purposes such as lowering blood pressure and blood sugar and regulating it. The properties of cumin and dill are also used in Tidin Dineh green tea tablets.


Green tea tablets for skin
Facial skin needs care to stay young and fresh. Many factors, including air pollution, high heat, harmful rays of the sun, etc., cause skin tissue damage. These factors cause the increase and activation of free radicals in the body. Free radicals also attack the structural proteins of the skin and cause wrinkles and sagging of the skin after a while.


The first effect of green tea pills for the skin is to inhibit the destructive effects of free radicals. Antioxidants in the extract of this plant destroy the activity of free radicals and do not allow the destruction of skin tissue. Therefore, by taking green tea pills, your skin will sag and wrinkle later.


Green tea extract is rich in amino acids, polyphenols and essential minerals for the skin, including B vitamins and folic acid. These substances are very necessary for the production of collagen (the main protein of the facial skin) and the regeneration and rejuvenation of the facial skin. Their absence leads to a decrease in collagen and, as a result, premature aging of the skin. Green tea pills can provide these substances to the body and keep your facial skin fresh and young.

When should we take green tea pills?
The best time to take green tea tablets is two hours after each meal. At this time, its active ingredients enter the body and fully perform the functions described in the previous sections. Also, in people who have a sensitive stomach or intestines, taking this pill after a meal will reduce digestive sensitivities and will have a better effect on weight loss and lowering blood pressure and sugar.


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