Get to know the strange customs of different countries around the world for Christmas

In this article, we want to talk about the strange customs that exist in different countries of the world for Christmas, because everywhere in the world, Christmas is not celebrated in the way that we have seen in Hollywood movies. In the following, we will get to know these customs.


1- In South Africa, the main food of larvae is fried

Fried larvae are very nutritious because of their high protein content, and they consider it a delicious food. These insects are abundant in winter, that’s why they are considered good food for Christmas. Local people eat these larvae either as a snack or cooked with tomatoes and sauce.


2- In Japan, they make white and red cakes

Christmas cake is so ingrained in Japanese culture that you can literally see it everywhere: in commercials, in every store, on every corner. But this cake is not like any other cake – Japan’s most popular cake is a white sponge cake topped with whipped cream and strawberries. This cake is so popular in Japan that they even made an emoji for it. If you don’t believe me, check your cell phone and see for yourself.


3- They skate in Venezuela

In Venezuela, they go skating on Christmas Eve, and the custom became so popular that the Venezuelan authorities had to close the streets so that everyone could skate safely. It is not known how this custom started, but it is believed to have replaced sledding due to the hot weather.


4- In Greenland, they eat whale skin and fermented sea birds

For Christmas, the people of Greenland make a special dish called matak, which is made from whale skin. Whale skin is too tough to chew, so it is usually swallowed. The people of Greenland have another Christmas dish called Kiwiak, which is made from raw ak (a type of bird) meat that is fermented in the skin of the jaw. These two foods are considered very delicious in Greenland.


5- In the Czech Republic, women throw their shoes to find out when they will get married

According to this custom, single women should stand with their backs to the door and throw their shoes forward. They know from the shape of the shoe landing that they will get married soon or not. If the tip of the shoe is towards the door, they will be lucky. Otherwise, they have to wait longer.

6- In Spain, on New Year’s Eve, they wear red underwear and eat 12 grapes

The Spanish have two strange customs, but not on Christmas Day but on New Year’s Eve. First, you should eat 12 grapes at midnight. You have to do this quickly and only within 12 seconds. As you might guess, each grape seed symbolizes a month of the year and if you eat all of them, it will bring you good luck.


Also, don’t forget that you should wear red underwear in this ceremony. This underwear can even be a pair of socks, provided that you got them as a gift from someone else.

7- In Finland, they go to a long sauna on Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, Finns prepare themselves for a long, relaxing sauna before overindulging on Christmas dinner. In Finland, going to the sauna is considered a very good way to get clean, which is very important in this celebration.


8- In Iceland, they give new clothes to almost everyone

Icelanders have not one Santa Claus but 13 Santa Clauses, which they call Yule Lads. These Santa Clauses come 13 days before Christmas and put children’s gifts in their shoes. Their fictional parents, Grilla and Lapaludi, are two popular characters in Icelandic folklore. They have a big black cat known simply as Christmas Cat. Legend has it that if you don’t get new clothes for Christmas, the animals will eat you. So in Finland it is better to give someone a scarf as a gift.

9- In Ethiopia, they wear white traditional clothes on Christmas day

In Ethiopia, on the 7th of January, they hold a ceremony called Gana. On this day, people usually wear a white traditional dress called “Netla”. They gather together to celebrate this day and sing and perform traditional music.


10- In America, people dress up as Santa Claus during Santacon

Santacon is an old official that started in San Francisco in 1994 and soon spread to other American cities. The biggest event is held in New York. A large crowd dressed as Santa Claus or any of the other Christmas characters attend and have fun together.

11- In Norway, they hide all the brooms and the ground

Norwegians have a custom to hide all their brooms and brooms on Christmas Eve because they believe that witches or other evil spirits may find them and steal them.

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