A story about the power of the mind

The story of the power of the mind
The first time I met my wife Victoria, I had a real Corsi car. I was in my twenties and I wanted to impress my future wife. That’s why I always started the car. There were no scratches on the car.


Once, after driving Victoria to their house late at night, on the way back, I crashed at an intersection. The light was green. Another car coming from my direction suddenly turned right in the wrong lane and hit my car from behind and the car spun around for a few times.


After a few moments of regaining my composure, I got out of my car. I knew that I was not to blame for this accident. I am not a strict person by nature. Less can upset me. I checked my dead car. The back of the car was completely gone.

The secret of success from the words of a millionaire
At the same time, the wrong driver jumped out of his car. It was very dark but I could see him, a man in his sixties. He started yelling and cursing in anger and then said, “Hey kid! Learn how to drive! I am very angry with you!”


I said to myself: I am the one who should be sad. He turned into the wrong lane.


The man was standing about thirty meters away from me, but I could see that he was getting angrier. Then he ran towards me as if he wanted to hit me.

The first thought that came to my mind was: do you really want to fight? You know it’s not like that. But really, my first thought was: how big is his body?

When the man got about fifteen meters closer, I saw that he was twice my size. Right then and there something inspired me:

“This is not a fight worth fighting.” And quickly I was able to take control of my mind and master myself.

I turned around and got into my car.

“Jol, you mean you scared the crap out of him?” you must be saying now.

No, I wanted to live!

That man was one of those people who would never make peace with me.

When you meet people who are poisonous inside, don’t let this feeling get to you. If you lower yourself to their level and respond to them coldly and rudely, you have actually allowed them to infect you as well.

Prove your superiority. Be part of the solution and not part of the problem. You can defeat the devil inside of others by doing good to them. If someone is rude to you, pray for him to get better. Smile and move on.

Buying a dream house
Here is another true story of the power of the mind:

After watching the movie (The Secret) and my explanation of the law of attraction, Daniel realized the power of his focus. He decided to apply the law of attraction to his dream home.

He bid the best price he could at the auction, but it was too low.

Daniel quoted the price in terms of what he could really afford and what he felt was right for his family, but it was still well below the bank’s offer.

I always say, “You can have anything you want, but you have to work for it.”

This sentence resonated for him and his family.

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