What is the cause of external hard drive failure? External hard drive recovery methods

When is it possible to recover formatted data from an external hard drive?

It is almost always possible to recover lost data from an external hard drive. Even when this tool is burned, it is still possible to recover data. But the question is, how is this possible?


To answer this question, you should know that when you delete information from the external hard drive, its effects remain until you replace it with other information. This feature that allows us to recover deleted data is called Data Remanence.


But another thing you should know about recovery and the possibility of restoring deleted data is that you should pay attention to whether or not you used the quick format option when you saved the data. If you used this option, the data can be recovered, but Otherwise, your hard drive will be reset to factory settings and all data will be deleted forever.

In addition, when you have overwritten the information, it cannot be recovered if it is deleted.


External hard drive failures

External hard drive failures include two logical (software) and physical (hardware) groups.

Software failures: These types of external hard drive failures occur in the mechanical and electronic parts of the hard drive and cause damage to the hard drive head, hard disk motor, or physical damage to the hard drive board.


This category of failures should be opened in the clean room environment and analyzed in order to get an accurate estimate of data recovery costs.

Hardware failure: In this type of failure, the hard drive has no physical problems and works, but access to information is not possible. This lack of access may be caused by a virus, partition loss, files being deleted, or external hard partition format.


Most of the failures encountered with format messages are related to software and sometimes hard disk hardware failures.

For example, the hard disk has mechanical parts such as heads, sometimes one or more heads have a problem, in which case the hard disk works incompletely and it is not possible to access all the data, so in some cases in The computer is incompletely detected and gives a formatted message to the wrong user. In this situation, formatting the hard drive causes a major problem instead of solving the problem.

In cases where the cause of the failures was mostly software, the reason was accidentally connecting these hard drives to the TV.


How to recover damaged external hard drive data?
The ways and methods of recovering deleted data are different depending on the type of damage. First, it is necessary to diagnose the damage and its type based on expert investigations, and then proceed to recover the formatted data with the help of equipment and facilities and special specialized methods. But when recovering data, you must follow the points mentioned below.


If the external hard disk has a physical problem, do not try to repair it yourself. Also, don’t try to recover a hard disk that has been physically damaged due to impact or accident using the software. Do not put the hard drive in the freezer. Also, avoid opening and replacing the damaged hard drive because this will cause the hard drive to suffer more damage.


If you know the methods that are 100% effective, seek help from experts and consult with them before proceeding to repair and recovery. But otherwise, you should leave it to the data recovery company to repair or recover it.


Test the external hard drive before trying to recover!

If your hard drive has failed, before you know how to recover the deleted data and what are the ways, you should connect it to another system and test it, because the problem may be from the computer and or your cable.

Maybe by connecting the hard drive to another computer and changing the USB cable, you will find that your hard drive is actually working properly.


If you are professional enough in this work, you should remove the internal drive from the box and connect it directly to the computer. But note that before touching the internal hard disk, your body does not have static electricity and discharge it so that you do not connect electricity when touching the hard disk. Turn off the computer before removing the internal drive.

Be careful that doing this can void the warranty of your external hard drive.


The cause of external hard disk failure
Hard drives can be damaged due to many factors and lead to data loss. There are various causes of external hard disk failure, some of them are mentioned below.

• The external hard drive is infected with a virus

• Disconnect from the computer without ejecting

• Creating bad sectors in the external hard drive

• File system error

• Physical injuries such as impact

• Connecting the hard drive to other devices such as mobile or TV

• External hard drive formatting

• How to recover formatted data


If you feel that your external hard drive has been damaged due to software reasons or you have accidentally deleted files and you prefer to recover it yourself without going to the relevant companies, you should use the method described in Continue to act.


External hard drive data recovery with software

If you are trying to recover data yourself, you can use some strong data recovery software. When using the desired software, you must observe and keep in mind some things.

Using the software to recover data is recommended when your deleted data is not very important and you are not sensitive to it.


You must download the software from reliable sites in order to protect your device from being hacked. Never use free data recovery programs.

There is a specific program for each data loss method, so you should choose the program that suits your problem.


Do not save the recovered data on the same hard drive.

During the scan, you can check the results and preview the file by double-clicking on it.

If you fail to recover data using the software, turn off your hard drive because unsuccessful recovery may cause the data to be overwritten and rewritten again, which is a big mistake and to fix the problem as a result. It will not be an easy task and it is beyond the reach of ordinary users.


In such a situation, if the lost information is very important, reliable data recovery companies should be contacted. But if the information is not very important, at least after this experience you will always remember to make a backup copy of your information.


External hard drive recovery through CMD
If your external hard drive is recognized by the computer, but the files stored in it are corrupted, or you are prompted to format when opening the hard drive, the following steps can be used to recover the damaged files.

Open Start and type the word cmd, then press enter and open the command prompt window and type the word chkdsk g:/f. Insert your external hard drive instead of g and press enter.

Don’t worry if you can’t find the data stored in the broken device. Even if the files are accidentally deleted, you can recover them from the external hard drive. Fortunately, external hard drive recovery is possible even after formatting or damage.


Factors influencing external hard data recovery
There are factors that can affect the chances of successful recovery of an external hard drive.

One of these factors is the system type and hard disk format. Each operating system of Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Unix, Novel, etc. has its own systems such as FAT, JFS, VMFS, XFS, HFS+, EXT, EFS, NTFS.


External hard drive capacity
The higher the capacity of hard disks, the more the number of disks and heads. Some new external hard drives have a capacity of more than 6 TB.

High capacity data recovery and recovery are also more complex.

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