How to deal with anxiety at work? (work anxiety)

The relationship between work anxiety and job performance: fight or run away!

Definition of work anxiety
Stress caused by working is called work anxiety. This job anxiety can have negative effects on a person at work. But a person can prevent work anxiety by changing his performance. When anxiety is not treated properly, it can lead to physical and mental diseases in a person that disrupts his life.


Symptoms of work anxiety
Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress. When your work responsibilities increase, you unconsciously experience stress, anxiety and fear. Of course, this anxiety may be caused by the characteristics of the work environment in a person.

For example, starting a new job or when the deadline for the projects you need to finish is approaching. Other symptoms of stress include:

• Difficulty falling or staying asleep

• Surprised and exaggerated reactions

• Practical intellectual stress disorder

• Excessive or irrational worry

• Sweating of the palms and causing heart palpitations and breathing problems

• Making mental changes and forgetfulness while working and talking

• Focusing too much on the negative aspects of the job

• Negative reactions to job situations

• And…

Strategies to deal with work anxiety
Work stress causes unpleasant consequences in your physical and mental health; For example, you may suffer from heart diseases and metabolic syndrome. With a realistic approach, you can reduce anxiety and stress in your job. In the continuation of the work anxiety article, we will introduce you to some stress control techniques.


• Get enough rest: Most people are so busy during the day that even at lunch time, they are making a business call or checking their email. It is better to break away from your work for a short time during the day and give your brain a break and a chance to reset things. Sometimes getting up from behind the desk and walking around the room or talking briefly with your friends can reduce your anxiety.


• Use energy drinks in the workplace instead of caffeine: remember that caffeine causes anxiety. So, if you are an anxious person, it is better to use drinks such as water, fruit juice and low sugar smoothies, water with lemon instead of caffeine.


• Try to have proper and quality sleep during the night: one of the important and basic ways to deal with anxiety is to sleep enough during the night. The quality of your sleep is directly related to your work productivity and energy when you wake up. Because lack of sleep causes hyperactivity and restlessness and reduces your work concentration. In order to have a good sleep, do not use mobile phones and TV before going to bed and try to sleep at least 7-8 hours.


• Ask for help: If you have a lot of work, it is better to ask your colleague for help or talk to your manager about it. This will create mental health in you and reduce anxiety caused by work, and will also create balance in your work and life.

• Set yourself a framework: Work anxiety usually occurs when you accept all the tasks that are offered to you and then realize that you cannot do them all. So, without compliments, if you can’t do something, say no.


Be sure that saying no doesn’t make you a disengaged and lazy employee. Instead, it makes you do the tasks assigned to you with more mastery and accuracy and reduce the anxiety caused by work.


• Accept your anxiety: Steven Hayes, professor of clinical psychology says: You should not think of anxiety as your enemy; Because in this case, you will consider your personal feelings and your body as your enemy. They believe that fighting anxiety means fighting with yourself and this self-denial will lead to mental problems. So it is better to accept it to reduce anxiety so that you can treat it in yourself.


• Avoid conflicts at work: In order not to get stressed in the work environment, try not to conflict with your colleagues. In order to avoid conflict, it is better not to gossip, not to participate in political and religious debates, avoid relationships with people who have bad relationships with others.


• Listen to music: Listening to music is a good way to de-stress during work. To deal with stress, it is better to listen to your favorite music while driving or at home.


• Always think about your strengths: It is better to focus on the things you are very good at doing. Talk to your manager about adjusting your responsibilities to match your strengths so that he assigns you tasks where you excel and can contribute more to the company.

Ways to deal with burnout
• Identifying the cause of your hatred of the job you are working in.

• Defining your work duties at work

• Compatibility of the person’s skill and expertise with the relevant job

• Controlling what happens in the work environment.

• Do not be a perfectionist in your work. You may not always be able to do everything well.


Simple ways to help anxious employees
• Try to deal with your employee’s work anxiety.

• Treat your employees with respect.

• Communicate clearly and with feedback to your employees.

• Talk to your employees about their private affairs in your office.

• Give your employees a chance to answer and explain.

• Always ask your employees about their work situation.


It is better to know that anxiety at work can be contagious, so try to avoid people who make your mental and emotional situation worse. It is better to be in contact with people who have positive and happy energy.

last word

If you accept that your anxiety is real, you can prevent its development. Just as annoying as headaches and stomachaches, stress can also be annoying. So you have to take care of yourself against anxiety in the workplace so that you can treat it.


Fortunately, most people have the ability to balance their work and life. If the employers also try to deal with their employees in a fair working environment, surely the anxiety caused by work in people will be minimized. Remember, in any case, maintaining your mental health is very important.

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