Symptoms of a cold and ways to treat it

Cold symptoms and home remedies

Only a doctor can definitively diagnose a sore throat and a cold in you, but when you have a sore throat, don’t take it lightly because the type of germ can be dangerous!


Normal or microbial sore throat?

We are all familiar with that bitter and annoying feeling at the end of the throat and cold. Its reasons can be simple issues such as dry winter air, seasonal sensitivities or colds.


But sometimes the cause is a kind of bacterial infection (streptococcus) which may be dangerous if it is not paid attention to.


Only your doctor can make a definitive diagnosis about what type of sore throat you have, but there are signs that can tell you whether your sore throat is microbial or normal.


A mother who tells her child to say “Aaaaaah” and looks down her throat is doing the right thing.


Because this can provide clues about the cause of the disease.


Strep often causes white patches on the throat and tonsils, causing the tonsils to become red and swollen.


Pus may be seen at the end of the throat. Other factors besides strep can also cause these symptoms.


Are there signs of a cold?

Coughing and a runny nose may cause a sore throat, but these symptoms rarely occur with strep.


When a sore throat occurs along with a stuffy and runny nose and other symptoms of a cold, it is usually caused by a cold virus.


How much fever do you have?

A cold sometimes causes a fever, but its rate is low. A sore throat with a fever above 101 degrees F increases the possibility of strep.


However, strep can be present in the body without causing a fever or with a low-grade fever.


Are the lymph nodes swollen?

Microbial sore throat may cause swelling and sensitivity of the lymph nodes in the neck area. Lymph nodes are responsible for trapping and destroying microbes.


When a part of the body becomes infected, the lymph node closest to it becomes swollen due to this.


how much pain do you have

A sore throat caused by a cold can be very painful, but it usually gets better after two days.


Bacterial sore throats are more severe and persistent, their pain can be so great that it makes swallowing difficult.


In some cases, strep can cause nausea, loss of appetite or headache and abdominal pain.


Does it cause a rash?

One of the rare symptoms of strep infection is the appearance of pimples on the neck and chest, which gradually spreads to all parts of the body.


When these hard and sandpaper-like pimples form, it is called scarlet fever. Although a full body rash can be dangerous, it will go away after a few days.


Taking antibiotics can prevent the aggravation of strep infection.


Strep is a type of bacterial infection

The reason the difference between a common sore throat and strep is important is that strep is caused by a type of bacteria (group A streptococcus), while a common sore throat is caused by a virus.


Taking antibiotics can reduce the symptoms and duration of the disease in case of bacteria. This also reduces the problems caused by strep.


Without antibiotics, a strep infection can cause problems that can damage the heart and other organs. Although this is rare, it can cause serious diseases.


Colds and antibiotics: Do not accept

You can’t get rid of a sore throat from a cold with antibiotics. Because colds are caused by viruses and antibiotics only work on bacteria.


In addition, excessive use of antibiotics can cause the problem of microbial resistance. When microbes are constantly under the influence of antibiotics, they become super microbes that cannot be treated with ordinary drugs.


Rapid strep tests

To diagnose the cause of your sore throat, your doctor can use a rapid strep test. The result of the test is determined within 5-10 minutes, but this test does not show all strep factors.


If the results are negative, your doctor can send a throat microbiological culture to a laboratory. This will take two days.


Antibiotics for strep

If you get strep, your doctor may prescribe 5 to 10 days of antibiotics or a shot.


You will feel better after a day or two, but it is better to follow the full course of treatment, because otherwise some bacteria will survive.


Remember, this bacteria is still contagious for 24 to 48 hours after taking the antibiotic, so wash your hands often and don’t share your equipment with others.


Be sure to throw away your toothbrush after this disease.


Home treatment for sore throat with salt water

Whether it’s a sore throat caused by strep or a cold, there are things you can do at home to relieve your pain. One of these methods is salt water gargling.


Try dissolving a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water to use this easy remedy to get rid of the bitter and irritating feeling in your throat and moisten it.


After reeling, be sure to pour out the salt water.


How should we identify and treat different types of sore throat?

Since fever and difficulty swallowing cause dehydration, it is important to increase your fluid intake.


Ginger water and drink are good choices. Avoid drinking citrus fruits, as they increase the inflammation of the throat.


Humidifier or humidifier

Breathing in steam from a humidifier or air humidifier can relieve a sore throat and moisturize the throat.


The same result is obtained from breathing on a container of hot water. Put a towel over your head to collect steam and take a deep breath.


Do this several times a day for 5 to 10 minutes.


Soothing foods

If you are looking for an excuse to eat ice cream, a sore throat is the perfect excuse. The cold has an anesthetic effect and the creaminess makes it easy to swallow.


This food is suitable for making happy young (and even non-young) patients.


Other soothing foods include milkshakes, jelly, and hot soup. In case of severe sore throat, avoid fried or spicy foods.


warm compress

Try putting a hot water bag on your throat or compress your throat by soaking a towel in warm water.


This work is also suitable for relieving the pain of lymph nodes in the neck.



Additional sedatives such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or naproxen may temporarily relieve sore throats and colds.


Do not give aspirin to children and teenagers because of the rare but deadly risk of Reye’s syndrome.


Sore throat sprays

You can soothe a sore throat by using sore throat sprays or lozenges. Ice pack is also relaxing.


You can also carry a small travel spray to relieve sore throats and colds on trips.


anti congestion

If you have a cold and nasal fluids get into your throat and irritate it, using a decongestant can help.


Some people with certain conditions or people who take certain medications should not use decongestants.


Chronic sore throat

If your sore throat lasts more than a week or gets worse, see your doctor again, even if the initial tests are negative.


The bacteria may not be registered in the test and you need to retest.


Chronic sore throat may be caused by stomach acid, tonsil infection, or other conditions. In certain circumstances, a sexually transmitted disease is the cause.


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