What is network security and what tools are there to increase it?

Network security is an important concept that has become more important in the recent era with the advancement of technology, and it is better to be familiar with its prerequisites, in this article we have fully explained this topic.

What is network security?
If we want to express this concept in a simple language, we can say that the set of measures that are taken to prevent the occurrence of problems or hacking of the network is called network security. Be the software.

The most important reason to learn about computer network security is to be able to protect important data from being stolen or tampered with. Of course, there are various penetration strategies that can make our work to increase computer network security more difficult.

The most important computer network security services

Confidentiality: A set of mechanisms that ensure that important user data is kept away from unauthorized people, which is usually done through encryption.
Authentication: A set of mechanisms that determine the true origin/destination of a message.
Ensuring the accuracy of information (Integrity): a set of mechanisms that prevent any manipulation, replay and deletion of data or cause their discovery.
Making messages non-repudiation (Non-Repudiation): a set of mechanisms that do not allow the sender or receiver to deny sending or receiving a message.
Access Control: A set of mechanisms that control access to network resources based on user permissions.

Network security software

Also, there are various software and tools to ensure the security of computer networks, we will mention some of them below and describe each one:



A firewall is a tool or so-called software that checks the incoming and outgoing network traffic and will stop it if there is non-virtual access, this tool is one of the most useful security tools.



Intrusion detection system or IDS, which stands for Intrusion Detection System, is one of the powerful network security tools that detects unauthorized attempts to enter and access the network and identifies them as a threat.


Intrusion Prevention System or IPS, which stands for Intrusion Prevention System, is a tool designed to detect and prevent unauthorized access.


Multi-factor authentication (MFA) system

The multi-factor or multi-step authentication system is a very popular and simple tool that requires authentication and verification in two steps for user login and access to information to make sure that only the original user is logging into the system.



Another computer network security tool is Sandboxing, which is very useful for organizations, this tool creates a safe environment for files, and before each file enters the network, the files are transferred to the safe environment and checked to see if they are malicious or harmful. not be

The most important network threats
There are different types of attacks on the network side, and according to the type of each one, pre-attack, attack detection and attack prevention measures must be taken. In this section of the article, what is network security, we are going to mention 4 of the main ones:

Eavesdropping (Interception): This is when a person is placed between the source and the destination of the message in an unauthorized way and listens to it.

Modification: A person is unauthorized between the source and the destination and manipulates the message transmitted from the source before reaching the destination.

Fabrication: An unauthorized person produces fake data and attributes its transmission to another person.

Interruption: Unauthorized disabling of a service or system in the network, this causes a sudden drop, a clear example of which is the sudden outage of a site’s hosting.

Where to start network security?
To learn network security, we suggest that you first learn the basics of this field and then attend various training courses to learn more. Also, if you are fluent in English, you can use YouTube or Linda (LinkedIn) training; In some LinkedIn trainings, you can also receive a final degree after completing the course.


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