The secret of women’s stylish dressing on rainy days

Suggestions for dressing stylishly on rainy days
Autumn is the rainy season, a beautiful, special and lovely season. Walking under the rain creates a romantic atmosphere, especially if you love rain and autumn weather.

What clothes should we wear on rainy days?
Raincoat, the most suitable clothes for rainy days

A must-have outfit for all women in rainy weather are trench coats, which you can wear to look beautiful and attractive on rainy days. The classic shape and well-shaped belt of raincoats add a unique charm to your appearance.
If you are a fan of casual clothing, wear short rain jackets over your coat.
Be careful that the umbrella does not cover all parts of the body, so it is better to have your raincoat up to your knees.
It is better not to use short woolen, hairy, etc. jackets.

Choose colored clothes

Wear colorful and cheerful clothes in rainy weather and don’t wear dark and monochromatic clothes because you may get depressed in this season.

Perfect umbrella for rainy days

In the rainy weather, pick up colorful and beautiful umbrellas that suit your style to give your appearance color and luster, so go shopping for umbrellas before it rains and choose several colorful and beautiful but cheap umbrellas to take on rainy days. . You can buy kids umbrellas that are cheap, cute!

The umbrella you choose should not be expensive because you will not use it every day, so buy a beautiful and cheap umbrella.

The best clothes for rainy days

On rainy days, wear clothes made of leather so that water does not penetrate into them, and avoid wearing suede clothes because water usually ruins these clothes, so in this weather, rubber clothes, artificial leather and leather shoes are covered. Put on your clothes.

The clothes you wear in this weather don’t need to be completely waterproof because your umbrella will keep your clothes from getting that wet.

The best and most suitable shoes for rainy days

The best and most suitable shoes for rainy days are boots or ankle boots, so choose a pair of boots with the color and design you want.
Pay attention, don’t choose shoes that lose their beauty with a few drops of rain.
Over-the-knee boots, low-heeled ankle boots, sports shoes or colored comfortable shoes are a good choice on rainy days because these shoes prevent water penetration.

Suitable pants for rainy days

On rainy days, you should not wear long pants because the ground is wet because these pants will be stretched on the ground and become dirty.
Leather pants, tight skinny pants or leggings are the best cover for these days because they dry quickly if they get wet.
Pay attention not to wear loose pants or wide slippers on rainy days.

Makeup suitable for rainy days

If you want to go out on a rainy day, you should wear makeup suitable for this day and use waterproof cosmetics because these products do not spread with air humidity.
Be careful not to use powder cream and heavy pancakes because if it gets wet, it will make your face look messy and shiny.
Use anti-frizz hair sprays on a rainy day.

Some suggestions for being fashionable on rainy days
1. If the weather is hot but it is raining, you can wear shorts with a t-shirt and rain boots.

2. Wear a mustard jacket with a simple black skirt and a pair of green boots to look attractive and beautiful.

3. Wear a long-sleeved woolen jacket with a nice summer skirt and a thick black support with a normal boot with a not too high heel and hold a simple umbrella.

4. Wear a linen jacket with a striped skirt and a pair of pink rain boots.

5. If it’s raining a lot, wear a colorful waterproof jacket with gray rain boots and carry a pale pink bubble umbrella.

6. On rainy days, you can wear your trench coat with jeans and shiny rain boots and carry a heart-shaped umbrella.

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