All properties of olive oil; Benefits of eating olive oil

If you have the frequent question of many people interested in good nutrition and healthy lifestyle in mind and you ask yourself “what is olive oil good for”, then we suggest that you do not miss any point until the end of this article.

Did you know that olive oil has been around since ancient times as a very important ingredient? In the past, olive oil was used as a cooking ingredient with healing properties. Olive oil is known as the king of vegetable oils and its regular and correct use prevents many physical problems.

Properties of olive oil for body health and treatment of diseases
In the first part of the article, we have devoted the properties of olive oil to therapeutic benefits, which include:

Properties of olive oil for healthy nails
Nails say a lot about a person’s health. If you have brittle and dry nails, there is probably a problem. In such a case, you can use olive oil for the treatment and health of nails. It is enough to apply two to three tablespoons of olive oil to your nails.

Benefits of eating olive oil to prevent breast cancer
Olive oil fights cancer and is also highly effective in preventing breast cancer because it contains natural compounds that act as an anti-cancer agent. Women who include olive oil in their diet are 62% less likely to develop breast cancer.

Properties of olive oil to prevent diabetes
If olive oil is included in the diet, blood sugar levels will be controlled and will definitely help prevent diabetes.

Properties of eating olive oil in preventing Alzheimer’s
Olive oil helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease and is very effective for improving memory and learning levels. It is interesting to know that these two properties of olive oil have already been proven in experiments on mice.

Strengthening bones by consuming olive oil
Olive oil can be even more effective than calcium for strengthening bones. Consuming the Mediterranean diet, in which olive oil is used a lot, will be a factor for the strength of the bones.

Properties of olive oil in the treatment of depression
We face mental problems at some point in our lives, but fortunately there are foods that can act as an antidepressant for us, one of the most important of which is olive oil. Olive oil has many benefits for treating depression, increasing serotonin levels and acting like a sedative.

Help lose weight by eating olive oil
Losing weight is not easy at all, but fortunately, some foods help to lose weight faster, one of which is olive oil. It is enough to change your main cooking oil to olive oil and witness your rapid weight loss.

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Cholesterol control by consuming original olive oil
Fortunately, you can reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the body by using olive oil. Olive oil contains a certain amount of saturated and unsaturated fat that controls blood cholesterol levels, the amount of monounsaturated fat in olive oil is between 75 and 80%, which creates an appropriate level of good cholesterol in the body.

Properties of olive oil to relieve constipation
Olive oil is a great way to relieve constipation and improve your digestive tract as a whole. The texture of olive oil is such that it stimulates your digestive system and makes food move smoothly in your body.

Properties of olive oil for skin beauty and health
One of the main purposes of using olive oil is its benefits for the skin, which include:

The properties of olive oil in moisturizing the skin
It can be said that the most important property of olive oil is that it moisturizes your skin and contains a lot of vitamin E; This vitamin is an antioxidant that will protect the skin from external factors such as strong wind or sunlight. The light texture of olive oil also creates a non-sticky moisture on the skin that will suit all skin types.

Improving skin health with the properties of olive oil
Skin health is one of the most important things that makes the skin beautiful and shiny, and you can achieve this important goal with olive oil. As we said, vitamin E in olive oil treats inflammation and acne and protects the skin from harmful factors such as psoriasis and skin cancer.

Olive oil beauty mask
A third of a cup of yogurt
A quarter cup of honey
Two teaspoons of olive oil
How to prepare
Mix all the ingredients thoroughly to create a thick mask.
Then apply it on your face and wait for 20 minutes and then wash your face with warm water.
You can use this mask once a week.

The property of olive oil in removing facial makeup
Olive oil is a great way to remove makeup and you can replace it with chemical makeup remover products and it is a great option for those with sensitive skin.

How to properly remove face makeup in the article “Removing makeup with olive oil”

Antiaging properties of olive oil
Gradually, as people age, their skin becomes dry and wrinkles appear on it. But the signs of aging are delayed with olive oil.

Olive oil antiaging mask
Two tablespoons of olive oil
A tablespoon of lemon juice
Some sea salt
How to prepare
First, massage your face with a few drops of olive oil.
Then add some sea salt to it to act like an exfoliator.
Apply some lemon juice to refresh your skin.
Finally, wash with lukewarm water.

Lip scrub with olive oil
Lips play a very important role in beauty. Therefore, you should take good care of them so that they look good and do not suffer from dryness and fragility, which one of the ways to take care of it is to use olive oil.

Olive oil mask for lips
Brown sugar
A few drops of olive oil
A little lemon juice

How to prepare
Mix all the ingredients together and scrub the lips with it for 5 minutes before going to sleep.
Olive oil helps soften chapped lips.
Brown sugar also acts as an exfoliant.

The benefits of olive oil for the treatment of cracked heels
Olive oil works very well to get rid of cracked heels. It is enough to combine some hot lemon juice with a little olive oil and apply it to your cracked feet to feel its softness. It is better to wear socks after doing this so that the ingredients can reach the skin of your feet.

Benefits and properties of olive oil for hair
The use of olive oil to strengthen and beautify hair has been popular among people from the past until today, and its wonderful effects cannot be ignored, the positive effects include:

The properties of olive oil in keeping hair healthy
Olive oil in combination with several other ingredients helps to keep hair healthy. Olive oil contains vitamin E and fights hair loss. Honey also moisturizes the scalp. Also, nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, sulfate, calcium and B vitamins are suitable for hair growth, all of which reach the hair through this combination.

Suitable hair mask using olive oil
Half a cup of olive oil
Two tablespoons of honey
One egg yolk

How to prepare
Mix all the ingredients thoroughly to make a soft mask and then apply this mixture to the hair.
Wait for 20 minutes and then wash your hair with lukewarm water.
After that you can use a conditioner.

Olive oil, a suitable treatment before shampoo
Olive oil massage before using shampoo is a great way to take care of the hair and is a hair treatment method. Olive oil massage before using shampoo in the bathroom makes the hair shiny and strong.

Other benefits and properties of olive oil
Olive oil is the only oil that the stomach can tolerate well and has a protective function for this important organ, protecting it from ulcers and inflammation.
There is an antioxidant in olive oil that protects the red blood cells from any kind of damage.
Oleic acid in olive oil reduces the risk of some cancers.
Regular consumption of this rich oil keeps the body’s blood sugar and insulin in a balanced amount. The compounds in olive oil protect the body against type 2 diabetes and prevent its development if this disease exists.
Consuming olive oil before meals prevents stomach ulcers.
Olive oil prevents blood clotting due to the presence of unsaturated fatty acids and blood cholesterol.
Olive oil prevents the formation of gallstones due to its beneficial compounds.

Benefits of eating olive oil during pregnancy and breastfeeding
An important part of our properties and benefits in health and moist health is related to pregnant and lactating women. We have another full article about the benefits of olive oil during pregnancy and breastfeeding that you can read and here we can say that:

Correct and controlled consumption of olive oil during pregnancy makes the baby grow more and better.
Vitamin E in olive oil increases breast milk in addition to increasing the growth of the baby.


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